Irene Iddesleigh

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Amanda McKittrick Ros, a Northern Irish writer, did for the novel what William McGonagall did for poetry and Florence Foster Jenkins for the coloratura voice. She published a number of novels (all at her own expense) and in addition to being a novelist was a poet, her best known being Visiting Westminster Abbey which begins:

Holy Moses!
Take a look!
Flesh decayed in every nook!
Some rare bits of brain lie here,
Mortal loads of beef and beer.

The best account of her life available on the web is probably C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and The Inklings were admirers and held competitions to see who could read her work for the longest time whist keeping a straight face. Sadly, all her books are now out of print but command high prices on the rare books market.

Irene Iddesleigh, her first book, is a romantic novel, telling the common story of an unhappy, doomed marriage. The prose style however is unique. (Summary by AJM) (3 hr 55 min)


01 - Chapter I 4:36 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
02 - Chapter II 9:08 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
03 - Chapter III 6:16 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
04 - Chapter IV 7:43 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
05 - Chapter V 10:59 Read by Sarika Pawar
06 - Chapter VI 12:03 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
07 - Chapter VII 13:24 Read by TriciaG
08 - Chapter VIII 16:19 Read by TriciaG
09 - Chapter IX 6:55 Read by ToddHW
10 - Chapter X 13:09 Read by ToddHW
11 - Chapter XI 16:41 Read by Chuck Williamson
12 - Chapter XII 23:20 Read by Chuck Williamson
13 - Chapter XIII 12:32 Read by A. J. Carroll
14 - Chapter XIV 13:55 Read by A. J. Carroll
15 - Chapter XV 15:45 Read by Patti Cunningham
16 - Chapter XVI 18:15 Read by Patti Cunningham
17 - Chapter XVII 14:01 Read by Patti Cunningham
18 - Chapter XVIII 14:54 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
19 - Chapter XIX 5:31 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)