The Book of Life

Read by Rom Maczka

(4.4 stars; 89 reviews)

Faith and reason, love and virtue, morality and mortality! In these two short volumes the famous novelist, essayist, and playwright, Upton Sinclair, confided his most prized worldly wisdom for generations to come. His kind and witty personal advice both provokes and enlightens page by page. (Summary by Rom Maczka)

(18 hr 49 min)


00 - Introductory 11:56 Read by Rom Maczka
01 - Nature of Life & Nature of Faith 23:43 Read by Rom Maczka
02 - Use of Reason & Origin of Morality 23:56 Read by Rom Maczka
03 - Nature and Man & Man the Rebel 30:01 Read by Rom Maczka
04 - Making Our Morals & Virtues of Moderation 29:51 Read by Rom Maczka
05 - The Choosing of Life & Myself and My Neighbor 31:33 Read by Rom Maczka
06 - The Mind and the Body & The Mind of the Body 40:55 Read by Rom Maczka
07 - Exploring the Subconscious & The Problem of Immortality 40:32 Read by Rom Maczka
08 - The Evidence for Survival 28:47 Read by Rom Maczka
09 - The Powers of the Mind & The Conduct of the Mind 33:54 Read by Rom Maczka
10 - The Unity of the Body 27:12 Read by Rom Maczka
11 - Experiments in Diet 21:28 Read by Rom Maczka
12 - Errors in Diet 32:39 Read by Rom Maczka
13 - Diet Standards 31:18 Read by Rom Maczka
14 - Foods and Poisons 29:25 Read by Rom Maczka
15 - More About Health & Work and Play 35:07 Read by Rom Maczka
16 - The Fasting Cure & Breaking the Fast 33:03 Read by Rom Maczka
17 - Diseases and Cures 44:47 Read by Rom Maczka
18 - The Reality of Marriage & The Development of Marriage 32:32 Read by Rom Maczka
19 - Sex and Young America & Sex and the Smart Set 37:59 Read by Rom Maczka
20 - Sex & the Poor, Sex & Nature, and Love & Economics 29:49 Read by Rom Maczka
21 - Marriage & Money, Love Versus Lust, Celibacy Versus Chastity 40:19 Read by Rom Maczka
22 - The Defense of Love, Birth Control 32:46 Read by Rom Maczka
23 - Early Marriage, The Marriage Club, Education for Marriage 32:57 Read by Rom Maczka
24 - The Money Side of Marriage, The Defense of Monogamy, The Problem of Jealou… 35:41 Read by Rom Maczka
25 - The Problem of Divorce, The Restriction of Divorce 20:20 Read by Rom Maczka
26 - The Ego and the World, Competition and Co-operation 33:27 Read by Rom Maczka
27 - Aristocracy & Democracy, Ruling Classes, The Process of Social Evolution 31:27 Read by Rom Maczka
28 - Industrial Evolution, The Class Struggle, The Capitalist System 39:48 Read by Rom Maczka
29 - The Capitalist Process, Hard Times, The Iron Ring 24:08 Read by Rom Maczka
30 - Foreign Markets, Capitalist War, The Possibilities of Production 29:41 Read by Rom Maczka
31 - The Cost of Competition, Socialism and Syndicalism, Communism and Anarchism 35:19 Read by Rom Maczka
32 - Social Revolution, Confiscation or Compensation, Expropriating the Expropr… 33:01 Read by Rom Maczka
33 - The Problem of the Land, The Control of Credit 28:33 Read by Rom Maczka
34 - The Control of Industry, The New World, Agricultural Production 31:05 Read by Rom Maczka
35 - Intellectual Production, Mankind Remade 30:58 Read by Rom Maczka


Most useful philosophy I've ever read

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this reading for its honesty, reason, brevity and clear prose. This Man clearly has put a lot of thought into subjects that he finds most important to wonder about in life and it shows in his clever yet simple suggestions and answers to these. Highly recommend for anyone interested in exploring how to best go about living one's own and reacting to other's lives in a realistic way.

Excellent Book, Excellent reader.

(5 stars)

Excellent book, has very good analysys and very interesting. Some analysis needs more work. It has some empirical arguments, such is the case in the age for wedding, more personal opinions than objective analysis. I keep the idea that love (not sex) have to be the base of every relation, and age is relative. In general excellent.

Engaging read

(4 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the reader. Very solid reading with an engaging voice. I agree with, not all, but many of the points Sinclair brings up making listening to it that much more of a treat. I probably never would have read this on my own, being that of educational material so thank you for having made this available!

(3 stars)

The reader did an excellent job, I would have rated him alone as 5 stars. The first 25% of the book contained great insights on life. the other 75% contained antiquated views on marriage, very distasteful views on eugenics and class, then finished with disageeable vision for a socialist government which was tough to finish.

Maczka is the greatest LibriVox reader I've encountered

(5 stars)

Sinclair's "The Book of Life" is an excellent piece on it's own, but this reading does such a great job of capturing the humor and, I guess, "casual wisdom" in it. Maczka is such a great reader, just having this in the background lifts my mood on a long run or commute.

(5 stars)

What's become of so-called literature these days? Where is the Upton Sinclair of our times? In our world, the very act of thinking is a crime. Surely then, if Sinclair were alive today, he'd never have his incredible works would never be published such as they were in his own times. And I am of course referring to all of his books.

Excellent book

(5 stars)

It is incredible that such ideas have been going on for almost a century now and no one has done anything worthwhile yet. Some of the solutions the book portrays are a little bit dated, and some better solutions have been offered in the present. Check for more details.

The Book of Life

(4.5 stars)

Excellent book and narration. Much of what Sinclair discusses about the horrors of capitalism still apply today. Amazing that almost a century after writing the book none of his suggestions for improving the US have been implemented and we continue to struggle in the American (and western world) rat race to enrich the elite few. When are we going to say enough is enough and start protecting each other and the earth which supports us?