Three Accounts of Peterloo

Read by Phil Benson

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A companion volume to F.A. Bruton's 'The Story of Peterloo', the full title of this short collection is 'Three Accounts of Peterloo by Eyewitnesses, Bishop Stanley, Lord Hylton, John Benjamin Smith with Bishop Stanley's Evidence at the Trial'. The three contemporary accounts, each with a short introduction by the editor, give different perspectives on the events of 16 August 1819, when a troop of Hussars accompanied by the local Yeomanry rode into a peaceful reform rally at St. Peter's Fields, Manchester, leaving 18 dead and more than 700 injured. (Summary by Phil Benson) (2 hr 8 min)


Front matter, Introduction 6:07 Read by Phil Benson
Bishop Stanley 29:58 Read by Phil Benson
Stanley's evidence at the trial 22:31 Read by Phil Benson
Sir William Joliffe 18:12 Read by Phil Benson
John Benjamin Smith 21:49 Read by Phil Benson
Appendix A and B 29:49 Read by Phil Benson