Understood Betsy (version 2)

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(4.5 stars; 21 reviews)

Elizabeth Ann is a timid, sickly little girl who lives with her Aunt Frances and her Great-Aunt Harriet. When Great-Aunt Harriet becomes ill, poor little Elizabeth Ann is sent to live with the much-feared Putney cousins, whom, as Great-Aunt Harriet said "Such lack of sympathy, such perfect indifference to the sacred sensitiveness of child-life, such a starving of the child-heart ... No, I shall never forget it! They had chores to do ... as though they had been hired men!" But to the Putney cousins in Vermont Elizabeth Ann has to go. And there, with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Abigail and Cousin Ann, she grows strong and well and happy and, most importantly, learns to think for herself, and truly becomes Understood Betsy. (summary Kymm Zuckert) (4 hr 43 min)


01 – Aunt Harriet Has a Cough 24:21 Read by Kymm Zuckert
02 – Betsy Holds the Reins 23:24 Read by Kymm Zuckert
03 – A Short Morning 20:12 Read by Kymm Zuckert
04 – Betsy Goes to School 13:54 Read by Kymm Zuckert
05 – What Grade is Betsy 18:51 Read by Kymm Zuckert
06 – If You Don’t Like Conversation in a Book Skip this Chapter 24:07 Read by Kymm Zuckert
07 – Elizabeth Ann Fails in an Examination 23:17 Read by Kymm Zuckert
08 – Betsy Starts a Sewing Society 22:33 Read by Kymm Zuckert
09 – The New Clothes Fail 20:38 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
10 – Betsy Has A Birthday 42:08 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
11 – Understood Aunt Frances 50:22 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)


great story AND A BONUS

(5 stars)

This book was everything that I love about Librivox. I discovered a new author and the bulk of the work was read by Kymm Zuckert (a new and fabulous new reader to me). And THEN, the final chapter read by the late Lucy Borgoyne. Hearing Lucy's voice always makes me smile and wish I could hug her. highly recommended!

(4.5 stars)

Loved this book and definitely would recommend it to people. The only bad thing was that the reader changes for the last 3 chapters and reads it not as enjoyably as the first reader.

(5 stars)

Betsy learned new things that she didn't know she could learn. She moved from the city to the country and I liked that she drove the wagon home on her first trip there. Betsy became a girl who was ready to solve problems really well instead of being scared all the time. -age 8

(5 stars)

This is a book for children but it has great lessons for parents too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and especially enjoyed the first reader. The last three chapters were read by someone else who was a bit hard to understand.

lovely narations

(5 stars)

especiallu loved the voice of the reader. she did an amazing job. very captivating. the story itself is beautiful. it's my 8yo's favourite!

(5 stars)

This book is a must! Ms. Zuckert is an excellent reader. Thank you Librivox!