On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (Version 2)

Read by Bob Neufeld

(4.7 stars; 221 reviews)

ivil Disobedience (Resistance to Civil Government) is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican–American War. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Chapter 01 31:27 Read by Bob Neufeld
Chapter 02 31:14 Read by Bob Neufeld



(5 stars)

Bob Neufeld is a wonderful reader with voice and diction that both soothe and communicate beautifully. This text, of course, is interesting and challenging.

Why haven't I heard about it before ?

(5 stars)

Very good reader, with a nice and easily understandable speaking (thanks to him), for an interesting book. It is funny to see how relevant these ideas still are today.

Great Reader Great Book....

(4.5 stars)

I love when you get A good reader. I have to say this App. has come A long way in that department. The Book for as old as it is still rings true. True as ever....

(4 stars)

The first half has some excellent ideas about the state and resistance to it. The second half comes to the same question with more of a typical liberal viewpoint.


(5 stars)

Is amazing to comprehend the present through his Trudeau, besides that I need to thank the reader foe the amazing work and Librivox for the enlightment. My sincere words, Neil.

(4 stars)

I would have preferred this text to be read at a slower pace, other than that I enjoyed the audio book, gives an insight into the mind of anarchists and has a very good point as an ending line

Good Reading

(5 stars)

The narrator does an excellent job and the audio is smooth and high quality. I enjoyed Civil Disobedience much more than Walden. Civil Disobedience involves a person's duty to the state and deals with taxes. This should be required reading for high school students.

review doesnt count

(3.5 stars)

I'm only reviewing because it appears to be required in order for me to listen to this recording. plz don't bother reading this review. thx