Young Robin Hood

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(4.3 stars; 24 reviews)

Ever wonder how Robin Hood became Robin Hood? Well, now you can read how a young boy was molded into the famous hero who "robbed from the rich and gave to the poor". This imaginative story gives zesty details into the development and growth of the famous Robin Hood Summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 34 min)


1 - Chapter I 9:24 Read by Bill Mosley
2 - Chapter II 12:59 Read by Minni Ang
3 - Chapter III 8:19 Read by Ann Boulais
4 - Chapter IV 12:58 Read by Ann Boulais
5 - Chapter V 12:19 Read by Kristin G.
6 - Chapter VI 14:16 Read by Kristin G.
7 - Chapter VII 11:32 Read by gabrielv
8 - Chapter VIII 13:10 Read by Minni Ang


(3.5 stars)

The book was a good one the second and third reader which were the same weren't the best but the book was a good one I found it a little bit disappointing that the book wasn't about Robin hood but it was a good book.

Misleading Title

(2.5 stars)

This book isn’t about young Robin Hood. It’s about a young boy named Robin who lives in Robin Hood’s camp for a year. The story wasn’t particularly thrilling or engaging, but it was short and that’s what I needed. Beautiful imagery, however. It felt like a piece of fan-fiction.


(3 stars)

Despite what the synopsis says, this isn't a book about Robin Hood, instead it's a story about a boy called Robin who lives with Robin Hood for a time. It was an interesting little story, though not particularly believable. Many thanks to the readers.

I loved it because of what happens to young robin in the story

(5 stars)



(2 stars)

don't like the second and third reader which is the same