The Lone Wolf

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(4.5 stars; 29 reviews)

The Lone Wolf is the first of eight books in a series featuring the jewel thief turned private detective Michael Lanyard. With his identity betrayed and the police on his heels, he must fly from Paris, which is made much more difficult by his self-imposed duty to take care of the beautiful Lucia, who has a dark secret of her own...

A large number of movies have been based on the books. (Summary by Carolin and Wikipedia) (8 hr 3 min)


01 - Troyon's 28:56 Read by William Tomcho
02 - Return 10:30 Read by William Tomcho
03 - A Point of Interrogation 21:29 Read by Ryan Ransom
04 - A Stratagem 11:02 Read by CrowGirl
05 - Anticlimax 8:05 Read by CrowGirl
06 - The Pack Gives Tongue 7:37 Read by ToddHW
07 - L'Abbaye 15:45 Read by ToddHW
08 - The High Hand 23:35 Read by William Tomcho
09 - Disaster 20:27 Read by William Tomcho
10 - Turn About 15:03 Read by Adina Owen
11 - Flight 28:59 Read by William Tomcho
12 - Awakening 11:07 Read by William Tomcho
13 - Confessional 33:47 Read by William Tomcho
14 - Rive Droit 21:31 Read by William Tomcho
15 - Sheer Imprudence 21:11 Read by William Tomcho
16 - Restitution 25:38 Read by William Tomcho
17 - The Forlorn Hope 17:56 Read by Steve Mattingly
18 - Enigma 27:43 Read by Steve Mattingly
19 - Unmasked 27:40 Read by William Tomcho
20 - War 18:09 Read by William Tomcho
21 - Apostate 10:23 Read by William Tomcho
22 - Trapped 10:36 Read by William Tomcho
23 - Madame Omber 19:00 Read by William Tomcho
24 - Rendezvous 11:34 Read by ToddHW
25 - Wings of the Morning 15:43 Read by ToddHW
26 - The Flying Death 13:06 Read by ToddHW
27 - Daybreak 7:00 Read by Charlotte Stephens


(3 stars)

Such a pity. An awesome book, good readers except for the one on chapters 5, 6, 24, 25, 26, who read in a fast unclear mubling.... I didn't care much for chapters 5, 6, but the others were just before the end of the book when I really wanted to understand the text. Very frustrating. Good that the very last chapter was read by someone else, so at least I got the final. This would be a 5 star book if the 5 chapters (of a total of 27) were redone by a better reader.

Excellent adventure/mystery

(4 stars)

The extremely skilled thief The Lone Wolf is finally caught by the greatest of all things, his heart, moving him to turn honest. This proves to be harder than he thought because a crime syndicate has taken notice of his special skills and they want him to join up... and they won't take no for an answer. Nicely read, recordings are pretty good. Thanks to all for their hard work.

I love wolves!

(5 stars)

so good, and interesting,