The Science of Being Great

Read by Diana Majlinger

(4.7 stars; 1640 reviews)

The Science of Being Great is the second book of Wattles' triology. In this volume he argues that the power of thought and positive self-esteem is the only true measure of a person's greatness. (Summary by Diana Majlinger)

The Science of Getting Rich (2 hr 19 min)


01 - Any Person May Become Great 7:19 Read by Diana Majlinger
02 - Heredity and Opportunity 6:05 Read by Diana Majlinger
03 - The Source of Power 5:22 Read by Diana Majlinger
04 - The Mind of God 6:02 Read by Diana Majlinger
05 - Preparation 4:37 Read by Diana Majlinger
06 - The Social Point of View 8:48 Read by Diana Majlinger
07 - The Individual Point of View 4:23 Read by Diana Majlinger
08 - Consecration 5:29 Read by Diana Majlinger
09 - Identification 4:56 Read by Diana Majlinger
10 - Idealization 4:58 Read by Diana Majlinger
11 - Realization 6:05 Read by Diana Majlinger
12 - Hurry and Habit 6:09 Read by Diana Majlinger
13 - Thought 6:29 Read by Diana Majlinger
14 - Action at Home 6:10 Read by Diana Majlinger
15 - Action Abroad 7:11 Read by Diana Majlinger
16 - Some Further Explanations 4:46 Read by Diana Majlinger
17 - More About Thought 7:00 Read by Diana Majlinger
18 - Jesus' Idea of Greatness 6:33 Read by Diana Majlinger
19 - A View of Evolution 5:04 Read by Diana Majlinger
20 - Serving God 7:04 Read by Diana Majlinger
21 - A Mental Exercise 6:25 Read by Diana Majlinger
22 - A Summary of The Science of Being Great 12:23 Read by Diana Majlinger


Corner Stone

(5 stars)

This book should be part of the basis of our thinking about self in relation to the world around us. Mandatory reading for my kids!

very informative

(4 stars)

this is a good book it isn't anything new but it is short and sweet and to the point and put everything together very well. reader beware the author will, contradict himself, he seams keen also on pushing a Abrahamic doctrine wile taking very much philosophy from orient ideas and giving no recognition to them. he talks a lot on how things are perfect which is an older idea dumbed down and reshaped in this book to fit the doctrine he wishes to push. if not for the cunning to the reader in the book and if the good info wasn't so good I'd rate it lower but as it stands he delivers a lot of information In a very eligant andsimple day to day use kinda way. worth the listen good info


(3 stars)

book made some good points and i don't regret listening to it but i didn't know it would put so much focus on religious belief.


(5 stars)

Great source for those is search of the true meaning of life.

great book and superbly read! once again thank you and great job

(5 stars)

Very good read. Title matches content.

(4 stars)

I enjoyed listening to this book. I will listen again and again until I. applying what I am hearing. "It does not matter what you read,but what you think about what you are reading". This statement from the book sounded off like a gong within me. Any one looking to hear something worth listening too, this is it.

Wonderful reading

(4 stars)

Very inspirational and supported by evidence. However, there is obviously controversy in his religious additions. Nevertheless, it stands true. The reader has a very concise and nice voice, and it was easy to understand most times. I only gave it 4 stars because at times it was hard to decipher what she said, but very scarcely. Conclusively, a very good audiobook.

Just like the title, it's really the greatest of the greatest.

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed the knowledge from this book & am really excited to apply it in my daily life routine till my appointed time to leave this world place called Earth. A must read for those who want to be great like Jesus Christ.