Don Juan In Hell

Read by Bob Neufeld

(4.6 stars; 90 reviews)

Don Juan in Hell is an excerpt (Act 3, Scene 2) from George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman. It is often performed as a stand-alone play. In it, three characters from Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Don Juan, Dona Ana, and the statue of the Commendatore, Dona Ana’s father) meet in Hell and, joined by the Devil, have a philosophical debate on a variety of subjects, including Heaven and Hell, men, women and marriage. In the end, they all decide where they will spend eternity. (Summary by Bob Neufeld) (2 hr 1 min)


Part 1 55:53 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 2 1:05:54 Read by Bob Neufeld


(5 stars)

Brilliantly read yet again by the amazing Mr Neufeld!! Not usually into that much older literature but this is a fascinating read/listen!! "How can I be in Hell? I'm a Lady" classic!!

Bob Neufeld does a superb job

(5 stars)

Bob Neufeld does a superb job of voicing the Don Juan in Hell excerpt from Shaw’s Man and Superman. It put me in mind of the great 1952 recording by The First Drama Quartette (Charles Laughton, Charles Boyer, Cedric Hardwicke and Agnes Moorehead), rarefied company indeed!

Smart and impressive dialogue.

(5 stars)

Conversations run like a discussion among friends at dinner and pose many questions about the way things are. Very modern conclusions too considering when the book was written. The reader as per usual is fantastic

Deep and Interesting but

(3 stars)

requires more than 1 reader. Being a play read by a single reader makes it difficult to know whose talking. That with the profound thoughts makes it difficult to follow.

Food for thought

(5 stars)

Shaw ' s perceptive and amusing cynicism includes all aspects of man and woman be they saint or sinner. Bob brings it all wonderfully to life ( ......or death? !)

A master piece

(5 stars)

Well read. George Bernard Shaw was impressive as always. I have listened to Sir Nuefeld many a times. Lovely job bringing this master piece to life.

Man that was good

(5 stars)

Bob does it again. That was a very good book. An interesting thought experiment. Definitely worth your time

Amazing Reading - As Always

(5 stars)

I search out Mr. Neufeld's readings; all are all excellent. Thank you Mr. Neufeld.