A Lady of Quality

Read by Linda Andrus

(4.2 stars; 171 reviews)

Set in late 1600's England, the story follows the life of a woman living an unconventional life. The loves of her life and all of its ups and downs are included. (Summary by Linda Andrus) (9 hr 35 min)


00 - Preface 1:01 Read by Linda Andrus
01 - Chapter I -- The twenty-fourth day of November 1690 17:16 Read by Linda Andrus
02 - Chapter II -- In which Sir Jeoffry encounters his offspring 22:36 Read by Linda Andrus
03 - Chapter III -- Wherein Sir Jeoffry's boon companions drink a toast 19:34 Read by Linda Andrus
04 - Chapter IV -- Lord Twemlow's chaplain visits his patron's kinsman, and Mis… 26:44 Read by Linda Andrus
05 - Chapter V -- 'Not I,' said she. 'There thou mayst trust me. I would not … 22:52 Read by Linda Andrus
06 - ChapterVI -- Relating how Mistress Anne discovered a miniature 26:01 Read by Linda Andrus
07 - Chapter VII -- 'Twas the face of Sir John Oxon the moon shone upon 20:50 Read by Linda Andrus
08 - Chapter VIII -- Two meet in the deserted rose garden, and the old Earl of … 34:06 Read by Linda Andrus
09 -Chapter IX -- 'I give to him the thing he craves with all his soul -- mys… 15:25 Read by Linda Andrus
10 - Chapter X -- 'Yes -- I have marked him' 18:31 Read by Linda Andrus
11 - Chapter XI -- Wherein a noble life comes to an end 32:18 Read by Linda Andrus
12 - Chapter XII -- Which treats of the obsequies of my Lord of Dunstanwolde, o… 15:41 Read by Linda Andrus
13 - Chapter XIII -- Wherein a deadly war begins 29:00 Read by Linda Andrus
14 - Chapter XIV -- Containing the history of the breaking of the horse Devil, … 33:47 Read by Linda Andrus
15 - Chapter XV -- In which Sir John Oxon finds again a trophy he had lost 28:03 Read by Linda Andrus
16 - Chapter XVI -- Dealing with that which was done in the Panelled Parlour 30:23 Read by Linda Andrus
17 - Chapter XVII -- Wherein his Grace of Osmonde's courier arrives from France 29:59 Read by Linda Andrus
18 - Chapter XVIII -- My Lady Dunstanwolde sits late alone and writes 12:49 Read by Linda Andrus
19 - Chapter XIX -- A piteous story is told, and the old cellars walled in 27:29 Read by Linda Andrus
20 - Chapter XX -- A noble marriage 18:48 Read by Linda Andrus
21 - Chapter XXI -- An heir is born 27:46 Read by Linda Andrus
22 - Chapter XXII -- Mother Anne 11:37 Read by Linda Andrus
23 - Chapter XXIII -- 'In One who will do justice, and demands that it shall be… 20:47 Read by Linda Andrus
24 - Chapter XXIV -- The doves sate upon the window-ledge and lowly cooed and c… 31:52 Read by Linda Andrus


A lady of quality

(5 stars)

I loved this story. Had never read it before. The narrator did such an awesome job reading this. I actually teared up at the end not only getting into the story but hearing the emotion in the readers voice too. Thank u great telling of it!

Frustrated/Confused by Her Odd Inflections, et al

(1 stars)

Although Linda's voice is clear and the recording quality is clean, if you're one who pays close attention to a story (rather than listening while being distracted by doing other things, such as driving, by doing tasks, or by other commotion around you, thus getting a vague gist of things but not noticing the pervasive miscommunications), you'll likely find yourself highly frustrated and frequently confused by Linda's odd inflections, ill-placed pauses, etc., which consistently throw-off what the author actually wrote. After listening to many passages over-and-over in an attempt to make sense of them, I finally downloaded a copy of the text to read for myself, and was blown-away by how much was misconstrued or lost by Linda's strange reading style. I suspect that perhaps if she got familiar with the text first and predetermined what was actually being conveyed, then practiced how each rather lengthy/wordy sentence/portion would best flow, her efforts would greatly benefit, and many more would enjoy listening.

deaths love & romantic rondevous!

(4 stars)

i enjoyed the reader of this book. and like the other reviewer noted, she does get a little broken up & emotional sounding in sections of the book that are tear worthy & hearing her read those parts like that puts so much more emotion in it, its heartwarming. the story is captivating when learning about the girl growing up so unconventionally. a few short dull sections, but a good story leaving u to wonder what happens next! demonstrates a deep love between sisters & an example of how a person changes as they get older, that who they love when young may not be the best choice for them.

Really Enjoyed

(5 stars)

Great story, very interesting. Easy to get caught up with characters and wondering what happens next. Reader did a fantastic job.

Hard to Get Into Characters

(2.5 stars)

Darth Laurel's review is dead on. The characters drove me a little crazy since I despise truly selfish people & can't stand those that are wussies. Clorinda is selfish, stuck up, & treats people like crap physically and emotionally. Out of 3 sisters she's the only one her selfish & irresponsible father spends any time with (literally). The other 2 sisters are kept in a distant section of the house & are raised by governesses. Clorinda allows 1 to start spending time with her (not until that sister grows up) because she discovered that that sister worshipped her. She's at least honest about this. Instead of the sister being hurt, wondering why the 3rd sister isn't included, or trying to change things she just worships her even more! I literally just wanted to smack some sense & strength into her! Sure, there is some character development but I still couldn't get myself to care much about the characters or their lives. This has made it hard for me to pay proper attention to the story.

A Lady of Quality

(4 stars)

The story is interesting but too long, too many adjectives, too many things repeated over and over again, three stars. What makes it worth listening to is the person doing the reading. She has a very agreable voice and reads clearly and distinctly. Five stars for the reader. As always, many thanks.

characters not easy to like but a good book still

(3.5 stars)

Well I may have had mixed feelings about the main characters in this book, it was very engaging and captivating and I very much enjoyed it right to the end. Excellent reader.

Not the author's best

(4 stars)

I love FHB, but this Gothic romance is an odd admixture of unusual characters and stereotypes. The language feels forced and the story a little hard to lose oneself in due to how preposterous the situations are.