A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines

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It would be pleasant indeed to gather the characters of this book together and listen to the conversation of wholly different but interested couples—for this is a book of contrasts and has been written as such. Lives of the most dramatic and adventurous quality have been gathered from all corners of the earth, and from every age in history, in such a way that they may cover the widest possible variety of human experience.

The publishers believe that such a book would not be complete without some characters that are no less real because they have lived only in the minds of men. No explanation is needed for semi-historical characters like King Arthur, Robin Hood and William Tell, while Don Quixote, the Prince of Madness, and Rip Van Winkle, the Prince of Laziness, have been included, not because they were essentially heroic in themselves (although Don Quixote might well have claimed the laurel) but because they became heroes in the opinion of others through the very qualities that brought about their downfall. As involuntary heroes, they furnish a pleasant contrast to the more serious, actual and transcendental figures of saints, martyrs, warriors, discoverers and statesmen with which these pages are filled; they enrich the "Treasury," widen its range of colors and perform the necessary function of court jesters in the Hall of Fame. (Summary From the Preface) (11 hr 40 min)


Buddha 28:43 Read by Lucretia B.
Julius Caesar 30:02 Read by Craig Gulliver
Saint Patrick 12:32 Read by Debra
King Arthur of Britain 22:11 Read by David Barnes
Mohammed 22:56 Read by Jeannie Tirado
Alfred the Great 31:15 Read by John W. Michaels
Robin Hood 12:05 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary 16:09 Read by Timothy Ferguson
Dante 19:46 Read by Dave Wills
Robert Bruce 24:57 Read by Dan Craig
Jeanne D'Arc 27:02 Read by Mich_elle
Christopher Columbus 28:57 Read by Inah Derby
William the Silent 23:53 Read by Dave Wills
Queen Elizabeth of England 22:27 Read by CaprishaPage
Sir Francis Drake 23:45 Read by Dave Wills
Henry Hudson 20:49 Read by Mike Pelton
Peter the Great 17:43 Read by Availle
George Washington 35:03 Read by Timothy Luke
John Paul Jones 21:12 Read by Mike Pelton
Molly Pitcher 11:53 Read by kindfish
Napoleon Bonaparte 36:43 Read by Mike Pelton
Giuseppe Garibaldi 15:45 Read by Debra
Abraham Lincoln 30:49 Read by Timothy Luke
Grace Darling 13:36 Read by Muriel
Florence Nightingale 15:17 Read by kindfish
Father Damien 12:51 Read by Debra
Catherine Breshkovsky 20:36 Read by Availle
Theodore Roosevelt 19:34 Read by Debra
Edith Cavell 11:57 Read by Tamara R. Schwartz
King Albert of Belgium 19:22 Read by Nyssa E. Schmidt
Maria Botchkareva 20:46 Read by Availle
William Tell 15:46 Read by weirdone30
Don Quixote 13:52 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick


but budha was born in nepal not in india.

(4 stars)