Soaked In Seaweed and 7 other nonsense novels

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.4 stars; 51 reviews)

8 great spoofs of 'types' of fiction by the premier Canadian humorist Leacock, taken from his book Nonsense Novels. The title of each parody gives away its genre:
Soaked in Seaweed or, Upset in the Ocean; Maddened by Mystery: or, The Defective Detective; "Q." A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural; Guido the Gimlet of Ghent: A Romance of Chivalry; The Man in Asbestos: an Allegory of the Future; Sorrows of a Super Soul: or, The Memoirs of Marie Mushenough; A Hero in Homespun: or, The Life Struggle of Hezekiah Hayloft and Caroline's Christmas: or, The Inexplicable Infant. If you enjoy take offs and parodies, the stories in this collection are for you. See how many types you recognize as you listen and laugh. (Summary by phil chenevert) (2 hr 49 min)


(5 stars)

Seriously funny ! ! Worth hearing twice .

thanks again Phil!!!!

(5 stars)

ii started listening to this author read by another reader, and thought, "Phil Chenevert would be awesome reading this writer", then lo and behold, I find this recording. yet another author I would have never discovered, but for Librivox. yay!!!!

(4.5 stars)

Nice reading as always from Mr. Phil. Most of the stories made no sense, but they were highly entertaining. thanks

Silly nonsense

(2 stars)

Well read. After reading Lewis Carroll, these stories sound pathetic. Not worth listening to, despite a good reading

Good fun

(3.5 stars)

This was truly nonsense, but it was a lot of fun too. Thanks for a great read Phil.

Good laugh

(5 stars)

Perfect venue for Phil to read. He made the stories even more fun

Soaked in Seaweed and 7 other nonsense novels

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!