Your Invisible Power

Read by Algy Pug

(4.5 stars; 3147 reviews)

Genevieve Behrend was a teacher of Mental Science, a New Thought discipline created by Thomas Troward (1847- 1916). Your Invisible Power, published in 1921, is her first and most famous book. It is a guide to the use of visualization and other mental processes in life enhancement and the achievement of personal goals. (Summary by Algy Pug) (1 hr 40 min)


great learning experience

(5 stars)

I've always believed in a greater Power that guides the power in me but never known how to awaken or ask for help on how to use that power and tap into the vast importance and power of the being and creator of us all I'm looking forward to using those great powers in my life and having the happiness I see come together in my life I hope to be guided by the powers-that-be but also fully understand life better -- great read thank you. *Genevieve Wayman*

Excellent book & excellent reader.

(5 stars)

If you are looking for information about how to use the law of attraction, this book is worth the listen. I listen to this book over and over because it helps me keep my thoughts focused on what I want to manifest. The reader is very pleasant to listen to also. I have enjoyed this book very much.

Very nice and wise book

(5 stars)

This opens your eyes around you and helps you learn more I was glued to the book as soon as I was able to start listening to it. I hope all of you enjoy this magnificent work of art as much as I do.

Superb and Practical

(5 stars)

Something I've always believed in and now it finally made itself present. I thought I was different for believing in this. It's joyful to know it's real. I shall continue to visualize a wonderful life

good and interesting thought,need to read second time to practic

(3 stars)

the concept

Most High God I Thank You!

(4.5 stars)

I lovingly reccomend it to all!

Pleasant Ideas

(4 stars)

Usually I find books and talks about the socalled Law of Attraction to be extremely stupid and divoid of anything useful. This book I found to be full of good advice and positive renforcement. There were a some things that didn't make any sense or were not explained at all: like why not share your desires with others? Realistically, I find sharing them with others makes them more likely to come true, but whatever. It was at least thought provoking.

Clear, simple and straight to the point.

(5 stars)

An amazing insight into the power of our innate ability to create our own realities. Putting ourselves into the drivers seat of our own creative power we are able to achieve all that we put our mind to. This book is a great testimony and reminder of that ability.