Your Invisible Power

Read by Algy Pug

(4.5 stars; 3471 reviews)

Genevieve Behrend was a teacher of Mental Science, a New Thought discipline created by Thomas Troward (1847- 1916). Your Invisible Power, published in 1921, is her first and most famous book. It is a guide to the use of visualization and other mental processes in life enhancement and the achievement of personal goals. (Summary by Algy Pug) (1 hr 40 min)


Still Relevent today

(5 stars)

Lovely narration of a work so powerful and relevant to cultivating joy, peace, and abundance within your life. I will listen to it again and again as a reminder of steps I can do daily.

Life changer

(5 stars)

May god bless author as well as the narrator. Both are excellent and it's a book worth reading atleast once. I don't subscribe to the idea presented in the book as a whole, yet it's wise application in part can be a life changer. This book answers many questions that are left unanswered in various texts on law of attraction or power of thought.

Most High God I Thank You!

(4.5 stars)

I lovingly reccomend it to all!

Onw of my favorites

(5 stars)

This book gives you an insight of what your true power can become. Listen to the words over and over again and you will hear other messages within the text. You have the power and you will see for yourself.

inspirational and personal story

(5 stars)

the author's words are well written, inspirational and she shares elements of her personal journey. I have listened to the book many times. It takes time for me to fully reflect upon on that is discussed in the book.

easy and understandable

(4.5 stars)

I loved this book, it was written straight to the point, no nonsense, matter of fact, the bonus? the gentleman reading it, simply awesome book and narrator!!!

(5 stars)

Life changing. Loved it. Great reader. Oh the Times of the past how I hear how they were. Fascinating.. If somehow Genevieve could read this, Thank you sincerely.

Beautiful To Believe

(5 stars)

This book has the power that brings life to you in its holdness and accept the understanding of it in your life beautiful