Your Invisible Power

Read by Algy Pug

(4.5 stars; 2669 reviews)

Genevieve Behrend was a teacher of Mental Science, a New Thought discipline created by Thomas Troward (1847- 1916). Your Invisible Power, published in 1921, is her first and most famous book. It is a guide to the use of visualization and other mental processes in life enhancement and the achievement of personal goals. (Summary by Algy Pug) (1 hr 40 min)


(3 stars)

So I was really enjoying this, till about chapter 13 or so. it started getting very religious text heavy, and eventually became too easy to discount due to the weight of the fallacies. it went from manifesting destiny though visualization, to asking some Devine entity permission to walk in their tired predictable, questionable footsteps. If you choose to read it and wish to retain your individual sense of worth and abilities, listen up to about the teens. Once you feel like you are being indoctrinated by a cult, move on to something else.

(5 stars)

This is an absolutely amazing book. I can't listen to it enough.. I decided it's worthy of doing a study on so I can literally soak it up like a sponge. I have experienced some visualization manifestations throughout my life but never really knew if as a Christian it was acceptable. And even though I didn't put near the work into it that she describes in her book, their was still a satisfactory manifestation all the same. Just being able to continue to research this subject and apply it with a clearer focus and not feel as though I'm drifting away from my understanding of God's teachings, well that just makes me very satisfied all the way around .. I highly recommend Genevieve Behrend writings to everyone that is brave enough to step out into the deep ..

Greatest Era for the Mind

(5 stars)

It seems that the wisdom of the early 1900s is an Era unmatched in mind development and manifestation. Almost every book that I have read on the subject has its beginnings here. The secret for instance was really taken from The Science of Getting Rich, but one can argue that ThomasTrowards hand was somehow involved. Mrs. Behrend simplifies the subject of manifestation and condenses into a neat little book. I have read it and listened to it many times. I always find something new. Brilliant piece of literature that must be read.

your invisible power

(5 stars)

This audio book changed my life for the better. About 16 months ago I was in a really bad place. I had suffered an injury and was utter depressed and even contemplated suicide. I had this book in my librivox library and started listening to it. It has helped to work on increasing my faith in God and in myself. I'm living proof of the transformation. I would also suggest listening to the Edinburg lectures by Thomas Troward, which Ms. Behrend sites in the book. You should also pick up the hard copy Dore lectures as they don't yet the audio for that one.

interesting Read

(5 stars)

This author was not in my list of books recommended but I feel that was in error. I feel I reaped a few nuggets of wisdom and would recommend this book to others seeking a different perspective on the law of attraction.

Glad I found this book.

(4.5 stars)

Although I may have already known about some things written in this book, it is always good to hear it from someone else. I needed to hear it and reflect upon it all. This book has helped me to see things more clearly and from diffferent angles. Some may be skeptical, but reading these kinds of books, one can always learn something new about themselves and tey to improve.

Great content ❤

(5 stars)

The Science + Religious beliefs makes this book perfect. I'm not Christian but I can think in term of my religion and my beliefs. This is kind of study that is abondoned by our education system. "If you tell them what to do, also tell them why to do". We are being told that Think Positive but they don't tell us why. This book is the answer.

(3 stars)

The teachings in the begging are very compelling and logically motivated. I had no trouble flying through them and would again. However as you continue on the text becomes very very religous, which is fine except that the magic and awe inspiring ideas become more and more, because the bible says so. It is amazing, and then utterly dissapointing.