Sister Simon's Murder Case

Read by Maria Therese

(4.3 stars; 98 reviews)

Set in the picturesque wilds of a Midwestern resort town at the height of the tourist season, Sister Simon’s Murder case begins with the murder of a terrified elderly lady, Dannie Grear. But what was she so afraid of? And who is the killer who keeps attacking anyone he thinks may know too much?

The opinionated local police ran into one obstacle after another in their attempts to find the elusive killer. But the menace was effectively removed by the independent investigation of Sister Simon, a very proper nun who had learned from her policeman father never to take anything for granted in a murder case and how to fire a gun with deadly accuracy. (Summary adapted from the original jacket by Maria Therese) (5 hr 19 min)


01 - Chapter One 22:58 Read by Maria Therese
02 - Chapter Two 13:03 Read by Maria Therese
03 - Chapter Three 19:16 Read by Maria Therese
04 - Chapter Four 13:40 Read by Maria Therese
05 - Chapter Five 12:57 Read by Maria Therese
06 - Chapter Six 12:23 Read by Maria Therese
07 - Chapter Seven 33:48 Read by Maria Therese
08 - Chapter Eight 17:35 Read by Maria Therese
09 - Chapter Nine 29:50 Read by Maria Therese
10 - Chapter Ten 17:05 Read by Maria Therese
11 - Chapter Eleven 23:52 Read by Maria Therese
12 - Chapter Twelve 26:30 Read by Maria Therese
13 - Chapter Thirteen 34:31 Read by Maria Therese
14 - Chapter Fourteen 25:26 Read by Maria Therese
15 - Chapter Fifteen 16:53 Read by Maria Therese


Endearing main character

(5 stars)

The summary covers the plot. The main character, Sister Simons doesn't let a good mystery go, even if it puts her in danger. Good thing she can shoot! Excellent reading, thanks!


(5 stars)

Couldn't stop listening! Great suspense mystery! One of the best I've heard in a long while. Don't miss this one! Reader was excellent!

Loved it from the start

(5 stars)

I couldn't tell you why, but for some reason, I loved this right from the first chapter, and as I went on, I wished it wouldn't end! For me, this reader is excellent, really and truly one of the absolute best. I see some other reviews here and elsewhere from people who struggled to understand the reader, and I can't think why as I find her very clear and wonderfully fluent in her reading style. I'm Irish, so it's not a similarity of accents, but I am a native English speaker so that certainly helps. Just shows, what makes a good/bad listener experience is all very personal and subjective. If the speed is an issue, you can show down a reading in the Librivox app.

(4 stars)

During my later grammar school years I read Murder Takes the Veil. When I started listening to this I was reminded if it. Now that I have finished listening to this I, in my 80’s, will listen to the one that introduced me to this genre all those decades ago. Hope you will listen to them both.

Comment On Reviewers

(5 stars)

Before you review, considered that the nitpicky complaints listeners make about librivox readers are reflective of the reviewer more than the reviewed. No, there's nothing "wrong" with the volunteer, there's something wrong with you.

(5 stars)

Interesting story, but a little hard to follow. Characters from the past were hard to keep Track of. Reader has a pleasant voice and nice delivery.

(3.5 stars)

Interesting plot and characters, well narrated. Christian thoughts, doesn’t beat you to death with it - very nice to have a Christian-based mystery that’s worthwhile. Recommended

(5 stars)

This is a good book I listen to this story over and over again, but, the reader could have been a bit more enthusiastic.