The Dragon Of Wantley (version 2)

Read by David Wales

(4.3 stars; 67 reviews)

A novel, The Dragon of Wantley, was written by Owen Wister (best known as the author of The Virginian) in 1892. Published by Lipincott Press, the story is a comic "burlesque" (in the author's words), concerning the "true" story of the Dragon. It is a romantic story set at Christmastime in the early 13th century. The book was a surprise success, going through four editions over the next ten years. This is the 1895 edition. (Summary by Wikipedia and David Wales) (3 hr 45 min)



(5 stars)

As clever a story as one could wish. It is fun without being predictable. Gilbert and Sullivan could certainly have used it for a libretto. David Wales was the perfect narrator for this one.

funny and well read.

(4 stars)

I liked it a lot, but wont give 5* because the narrator could try to read different characters with slightly different "voices".

a very good book , The best I've heard in a while !! ! ! ! ! !

(5 stars)

The Dragon of Wantley

(5 stars)

The reading is superb and the story simply divine. Funny, exciting and captivating.

The Dragon of Wansly by Owen Wister

(5 stars)

A light hearted tale well read by the reader.

the dragon of wantley

(5 stars)

great story done very well by a great reader.

Delightful tale

(5 stars)

Humorous and entertaining. A little romance. Well read.


(5 stars)

Story:fun, funny, well written. Reader: one of my favorites.