Woman and the New Race

Read by Becky Cook

(2.5 stars; 25 reviews)

Margaret Sanger was an American sex educator and nurse who became one of the leading birth control activists of her time, having at one point, even served jail time for importing birth control pills, then illegal, into the United States. Woman and the New Race is her treatise on how the control of population size would not only free women from the bondage of forced motherhood, but would elevate all of society. The original fight for birth control was closely tied to the labor movement as well as the Eugenics movement, and her book provides fascinating insight to a mostly-forgotten turbulent battle recently fought in American history. (Summary by Becky) (4 hr 5 min)


00-Preface and Dedication by Havelock Ellis 3:53 Read by Becky Cook
01- Woman’s Error and Her Debt 8:39 Read by Becky Cook
02- Woman’s Struggle for Freedom 23:16 Read by Becky Cook
03- The Material of the New Race 18:36 Read by Becky Cook
04- Two Classes of Women 9:49 Read by Becky Cook
05- The Wickedness of Creating Large Families 15:33 Read by Becky Cook
06- Cries of Despair 15:58 Read by Becky Cook
07- When Should A Woman Avoid Having Children? 8:02 Read by Becky Cook
08- Birth Control - A Parents Problem or a Woman’s? 8:07 Read by Becky Cook
09- Continence- Is It Practicable or Desirable? 17:27 Read by Becky Cook
10- Contraceptives or Abortion? 12:02 Read by Becky Cook
11- Are Preventive Means Certain? 7:16 Read by Becky Cook
12- Will Birth Control Help the Cause of Labor? 13:12 Read by Becky Cook
13- Battalions of Unwanted Babies the Cause of War 15:44 Read by Becky Cook
14- Woman and the New Mortality 17:54 Read by Becky Cook
15- Legislating Woman’s Morals 12:17 Read by Becky Cook
16- Why Not Birth Control Clinics in America? 11:05 Read by Becky Cook
17- Progress We have Made 17:01 Read by Becky Cook
18- The Goal 10:05 Read by Becky Cook


(1 stars)

an atrocious text written by a monstrous woman whose easily verified racist views are only dwarved by her disgusting misanthropic disregard for innocent human life. this filthy, degenerate woman spawned the sick and cancerous corporation known as "planned parenthood."

Good book for women and men.

(5 stars)

Very Fine Reading of a Historical Piece

(5 stars)

Becky Cook's Narration of this book is excellent. I found it quite interesting to hear Sanger's arguments for women's access to birth control. Do I agree with everything she puts forth? No. For one thing, she falls for the blame-the-victim trap. But she has so much good debating going on otherwise. Going by this book, it is completely erroneous to say her every word drips with racism and that she hates women and children. On the contrary, she clearly cared deeply about the plight of women and their children. Everything about this book is in defense of the quality of their lives. As for her version of eugenics, her argument that women's access to birth control would result in a better race, she was NOT talking about weeding out certain ethnicities, but of creating an American melting pot race that could benefit from the attributes the immigrated races could contribute, buoyed up by strong health achieved because women were not made to bear overlarge families impossible to be cared for properly.

My personal views, they be conflictin'

(0.5 stars)

...My religion believes fetuses are alive and human, so do I. Therefore I am against literally everything in this. Oh well. If you don't want babies, but want sex, simply try Natural Family Planning (NFP), a Christian organization, fairly simple, with no birth control pills.

An important piece of women's history

(2.5 stars)

snapshot of American life on the threshold of birth control: the bad old days. Very interesting eugenics content too. highly recommended, great narrator too. thanks, becky!!

Another piece of bigoted garbage.

(0.5 stars)

Her hate for women, children and anyone not purely white drips from every word.