Philo Gubb, Correspondence-School Detective

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(4.4 stars; 9 reviews)

Philo Gubb, not being content with his job as wallpaper-hanger, has higher aspirations: to become a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. To that end, he enrolls in a correspondence course, where he gets lessons through the mail as well as the necessary disguises for a detective. Philo Gubb, not being really clever or intuitive, or even looking good in those disguises, gets involved in one case after the other - and sooner or later happens to stumble on and solve the crime..Each of these stories is a complete mystery unto itself so if you read just one, you will know it's beginning and the unorthodox methods by which Philo Gubb, Correspondence-School Detective solves it using his woeful 'deteckative' (as he puts it) skills (Summary by Availle and Phil Chenevert) (9 hr 3 min)


The Hard-Boiled Egg 27:15 Read by Margaret Espaillat
The Pet 34:32 Read by Margaret Espaillat
The Eagle’s Claws 34:49 Read by William Tomcho
The Oubliette 53:10 Read by MJ Franck
The Un-Burglars 26:50 Read by William Tomcho
The Two-Cent Stamp 35:32 Read by William Tomcho
The Chicken 28:22 Read by TriciaG
The Dragon’s Eye 20:14 Read by Nichole Karl
The Progressive Murder 18:35 Read by April Gonzales
The Missing Mr. Master 30:21 Read by William Tomcho
Waffles and Mustard 32:49 Read by William Tomcho
The Anonymous Wiggle 31:30 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Half of a Thousand 28:38 Read by Patti Cunningham
Dietz’s 7462 Bessie John 33:23 Read by William Tomcho
Henry 29:01 Read by William Tomcho
Buried Bones 33:10 Read by William Tomcho
Philo Gubb’s Greatest Case 45:36 Read by MJ Franck


Slapstick at it's best

(5 stars)

I don't like and would avoid watching slapstick on TV but hearing it is much more fun. Good stories well read.


(1 stars)

Looks like it has potential for a good story. Is the first chapter only 6 seconds long?

(3.5 stars)

fun. one reader is not good. others are excellent. stories are great.