Swiss Family Robinson in Words of One Syllable

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(3.8 stars; 6 reviews)

All the excitement, danger, heartbreaks and triumphs of this well known story, but without the big words. Lucy Aikin, an accomplished writer and writing as Mary Godolphin, accomplishes this with apparent ease in this little book. The story of a plucky family ship wrecked on a desolate island, saving what they can from the ship, is well known. The entire family, under the leadership of an intrepid father and mother works together to not only survive in this island, but actually prosper. This work would seem an excellent one for non-English native readers to try their skill at. (Summary by Phil Chenevert ) (2 hr 13 min)


01 - CHAPTER I. 6:33 Read by Gregory Eccles
02 - CHAPTER II 6:32 Read by Gregory Eccles
03 - CHAPTER III 4:23 Read by Sarah LuAnn
04 - CHAPTER IV 5:23 Read by Gregory Eccles
05 - CHAPTER V 5:02 Read by Gregory Eccles
06 - CHAPTER VI 4:36 Read by April Gonzales
07 - CHAPTER VII 6:23 Read by April Gonzales
08 - CHAPTER VIII 7:00 Read by Bill Mosley
09 - CHAPTER IX 10:34 Read by Gregory Eccles
10 - CHAPTER X 8:10 Read by Gregory Eccles
11 - CHAPTER XI 7:22 Read by Gregory Eccles
12 - CHAPTER XII 16:13 Read by Marty
13 - CHAPTER XIII 14:32 Read by Marty
14 - CHAPTER XIV 18:08 Read by Donna Winters
15 - CHAPTER XV 12:15 Read by Gregory Eccles


changes the meaning

(1 stars)

I appreciate the writer trying to make the book easier to read, but the job is not well done. in the original work the father explains that the two dogs found by his son were bad news since they were but two more mouths to fill, this version says 'I am afraid the dogs will do us more harm than good', giving the reader no clue as to why they would do them harm.