Japanese Girls and Women

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(4.6 stars; 36 reviews)

A clear and delightful peek into the world of Japanese girls and women of the late 1800s: their childhood, education, marriage and intimate family life. And it is done by someone who admires the immense resources, abilities and strength shown by all of these girls and women. The intricate customs that bind the society together and must be learned by every girl, such as the annual Doll ceremony are explained as well as the difficult life of a Japanese wife of this period. Life among the nobles and upper class in the courts and castles, something long hidden away, is explored. Did you know there were Samauri Women? The entire spectrum of Japanese life in the late 1800s is explored from the feminine point of view. The writer is a Christian but respects the cultural and religious differences of Japan society and presents what she has observed from many years in the country and what was shared with her by her Japanese women friends. (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (7 hr 46 min)


Childhood part 1 21:33 Read by Daniel Frosh
Childhood part 2 22:11 Read by Daniel Frosh
Education 24:34 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Marriage and Divorce, part 1 18:44 Read by Availle
Marriage and Divorce, part 2 20:19 Read by Availle
Wife and Mother, Part 1 23:56 Read by sumiiro
Wife and Mother, Part 2 22:46 Read by Emily Anderson
Old Age 24:21 Read by dudeman
Court Life, Part 1 22:09 Read by Availle
Court Life, Part 2 22:26 Read by Availle
Life in Castle and Yashiki 36:00 Read by Availle
Samurai Women, Part 1 20:17 Read by Availle
Samuari Women, Part 2 22:10 Read by Availle
Peasant Women, Part 1 16:34 Read by April Gonzales
Peasant Women, Part 2 25:12 Read by asterix
Life in the Cities, Part 1 18:59 Read by Daniel Frosh
Life in the Cities, Part 2 21:06 Read by Daniel Frosh
Domestic Service 30:40 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Within the Home, Part 1 24:51 Read by JenniferW
Within the Home, Part 2 27:34 Read by Availle



(4 stars)

and educational book. so obviously it would be boring if you are not into history and culture. overall the reading was done well. occasionally I got tired due to the montone, but the nature of the material makes it hard to read in any other fashion. some interesting facts about 1800s1900s life in japan. though the book did give me a few ideas for gifts games and decorations for various things. if you enjoy watching the history chanel then you will probably enjoy this read.

(5 stars)

I really loved this book. It is so interesting and explains so much about an enigmatic society that still seems to hold the core of their cultural beliefs close. The only complaint I have, and it's petty really, is that I have some trouble with chapters read by people with very strong accents. Rather hard to follow at times. However, I'm thankful and appreciative to all the readers. I highly recommend this book if you have an interest in Japanese culture.

A Facinating Book !!

(5 stars)

This book has been a real eye opener for me. I had no idea of the cultural strictures and opportunities for Jananese girls and women in the late 1880s. Great book.

pretty good

(4 stars)

there was one class of people sort of left out.... Burakumin"

Great book for those who love history and foreign culture

(3.5 stars)

very interesting book

(5 stars)

Thanks to the many readers.