The Orthodox Faith

Read by Jonathan Lange

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The Orthodox Faith is the classic epitome of the Early Greek Fathers. Writing just before the last of the truly Ecumenical Councils (787), he remains to this day, the last of the Eastern theologians whole-heartedly received by the West. This work, then, is an ecumenical touchstone that remains authoritative in Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism (through Peter Lombard's Sentances) and in all Reformation Churches interested in purging late medieval accretions and returning to the developed orthodoxy of Creedal Christianity. (Summary by Jonathan Lange) (8 hr 40 min)


01 - Book I Chapters 1-7 24:26 Read by Jonathan Lange
02 - Book I Chapter 8 29:59 Read by Jonathan Lange
03 - Book I Chapters 9-14 29:59 Read by Jonathan Lange
04 - Book II Chapters 1-6 24:31 Read by Jonathan Lange
05 - Book II Chapters 7-9 27:57 Read by Jonathan Lange
06 - Book II Chapters 10-12 25:58 Read by Jonathan Lange
07 - Book II Chapters 13-23 29:59 Read by Jonathan Lange
08 - Book II Chapters 24-30 28:22 Read by Jonathan Lange
09 - Book III Chapters 1-5 26:28 Read by Jonathan Lange
10 - Book III Chapters 6-11 29:50 Read by Jonathan Lange
11 - Book III Chapters 12-14 26:42 Read by Jonathan Lange
12 - Book III Chapters 15-16 28:32 Read by Jonathan Lange
13 - Book III Chapters 17-22 23:31 Read by Jonathan Lange
14 - Book III Chapters 23-29 16:49 Read by Jonathan Lange
15 - Book IV Chapters 1-9 28:42 Read by Jonathan Lange
16 - Book IV Chapters 10-13 26:54 Read by Jonathan Lange
17 - Book IV Chapters 14-17 29:36 Read by Jonathan Lange
18 - Book IV Chapters 18-22 28:27 Read by Jonathan Lange
19 - Book IV Chapters 23-27 33:21 Read by Jonathan Lange


history, science, church history, theology LOVE IT

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I was not the best student in school. As an adult I crave knowledge but I spend my day driving. I am not content to know what I know because I've been taught in school or church my whole life. I want to know about church history and theology from Athanasius and Basil. I want to learn about Greek history and mythology from Herodotus and Homer. I want to learn about Einstein's theory of relativity from Einstein. It's what I call source text. I listen to it all day long every day when I'm working. Keep the source text coming so I can read with my ears while work.

Excellent Reader!

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This is the first ever audio book reader that has succeeded to hold my attention. i'm looking forward to reading more titles from this platform.⁶

Valuable Work

(5 stars)

Very much enjoyed listening to this impressive work from church history. Such excellent discussions, book 3 in particular is a remarkable treatment of Christology. Thank you to the reader.

Very useful

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to this very important work.

Cornerstone of Orthodox faith

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Well read, thanks for producing this


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