The Perfumed Garden

Read by Alia Makki

(4 stars; 34 reviews)

A fifteenth-century Arabic sex manual and work of erotic literature. The book presents opinions on what qualities men and women should have to be attractive, gives advice on sexual technique, warnings about sexual health, and recipes to remedy sexual maladies. It gives lists of names for the penis and vagina, has a section on the interpretation of dreams, and briefly describes sex among animals. Interspersed with these there are a number of stories which are intended to give context and amusement. (Summary by Wikipedia) (5 hr 38 min)


Translator's Note and Introduction 15:59 Read by Alia Makki
CH. 1 31:40 Read by Alia Makki
CH. 2 35:00 Read by Alia Makki
CH. 3 - 4 - 5 14:22 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 6 50:09 Read by Alia Makki
Ch.7 12:51 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 8 24:40 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 9 42:51 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 10 3:56 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 11 31:46 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 12 & 13 13:21 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 14 - 17 11:22 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 18 & 19 4:34 Read by Alia Makki
Ch. 20 26:05 Read by Alia Makki
Appendix 19:37 Read by Alia Makki



(5 stars)

If one can move past the cultural differences it's interesting. As a woman I can easily imagine how one could take offence if emotionally attached to the writing. I very much enjoyed the readers voice, and most of the content. A nice listen.

A view of a different time

(5 stars)

Although as noted by several other listeners; this book is explicitly misogynistic. I'm sure it toes the line with the rest of patriarchal cultures of the 15th century. That said, it represents the rather rare erotica compilation that somehow squeezes by religious condemnation and retribution, at least to my knowledge. I've always felt Richard Burton, the translator, deserves a lot of credit for his efforts in 19th century English academics. To me the real joy is Alia Makki. She presents a beautiful and wonderfully nuanced reading. One of the best I've heard.

not for me

(2 stars)

the stories were entertaining but the reader was monotonous in tone and inflection. the words were read but the story wasnt.

A most wonderful book. Full of fascinating tales and anecdotes.

(4.5 stars)

the readers voice is captivating and hypnotic at times.


(0.5 stars)

Written by a person who hates women.