There Are Realistic Alternatives

Read by Benjamin Gittins

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Violence in society and politics, whether in the form of war, terrorism, dictatorship, oppression, usurpation, or genocide, is widely recognized as a grave problem. The objective of this essay is to explore a different perspective on the nature of the problem of widespread violence in society and politics that suggests what will be required for its resolution. We need to analyze the conditions under which it will be possible to reduce drastically the reliance on military and other violent means of conflict. We need to examine why violence is so widely regarded as necessary for good causes as well as for bad ones, and how fundamental change away from that syndrome might be achieved. (Summary by Author) (2 hr 9 min)


Great introduction to politics

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Gives a list of books that will give more information about politics for one to study by oneself.

This should be standard reading for everyone! It's a bible!

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