The Mayor's Wife

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 126 reviews)

Miss Saunders is out for an adventure. One, which is full of secrets, hints, and half-lies. One, which will require all of her wits. She is to be the companion to the Mayor's wife. The Lady is unhappy, and the reason for her grave unhappiness is more serious than you think. (Summary by Stav Nisser) (7 hr 5 min)


01 - A Spy's Duty 13:56 Read by Christian Mitchell
02 - Questions 16:12 Read by Christian Mitchell
03 - In the Gable Window 17:42 Read by Steve Mattingly
04 - Lights - Sounds 17:09 Read by Lois Hill
05 - The Strange Neighbors Next Door 27:19 Read by Lois Hill
06 - At the Stair-Head 12:30 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr
07 - A Moving Shadow 16:53 Read by Sandra Luna
08 - The Paragraph 9:26 Read by Sandra Luna
09 - Scraps 12:31 Read by Lois Hill
10 - A Glimmer of the Truth 32:03 Read by Lois Hill
11 - Bess 13:11 Read by Monika Rolley
12 - Searchings 15:01 Read by Monika Rolley
13 - A Discovery 15:50 Read by Monika Rolley
14 - I Seek Help 20:27 Read by Tom Causby
15 - Hardly a Coincidence 11:54 Read by Tom Causby
16 - In The Library 19:06 Read by Tom Causby
17 - The Two Weird Sisters 27:14 Read by MaryAnn
18 - The Morning News 14:01 Read by Bethany Simpson
19 - The Cry from the Stairs 3:23 Read by Wina Hathaway
20 - Explanation 8:37 Read by Wina Hathaway
21 - The Cypher 18:00 Read by Lynne T
22 - Mercy 18:25 Read by Lynne T
23 - The Wife's Tale 19:00 Read by Bethany Simpson
24 - The Sins of the Fathers 10:04 Read by Bethany Simpson
25 - The Finger on the Wall 11:54 Read by Bethany Simpson
26 - 'Bitter as the Grave' 6:52 Read by Wina Hathaway
27 - A Child's Playthings 9:20 Read by Bethany Simpson
28 - Restitution 7:57 Read by Bethany Simpson


Love this!

(5 stars)

I have to really enjoy a book to give it 5 stars. I didn't just enjoy this. I loved it! So many mysteries (while good) have murder, a detective, & sometimes someone who is not a detective but wants to act like one but not this story. Even though I couldn't understand how the cipher worked (it was explained well but I'd need to see it) I was interested & in suspense from beginning to end. As usual with AKG books there's more than just one mystery/storyline going on yet it's easy to keep track of each of them & all of the characters. I've read about half of her books that are on Librivox & so far this is my favorite of hers. While I feel that only people that are native English speakers that have little to no accent should be reading I had no problem understanding every reading here. Multiple readers don't effect the quality of a book for me if I have no problem understanding it.

(5 stars)

Another great story from Mrs. Green! I enjoyed this very much. Lots of multilayered and intricate twists that add up to a successful mystery novel.

Mayor's Wife

(5 stars)

Excellent! Ms. Green is the best mystery writer of her time and maybe even current times. Bet you could make your own cyfer based on info here. I recommend it- -never a dull minute.

The Mayors Wife

(4 stars)

A typical Anna K. Green novel with multiple secrets and mysteries. There are many narrators and this makes it difficult to perceive the intended flow of the book. I had to replay a few segments to understand the narrator. I appreciate the volunteers who read but it would be nice if there were minimal English speech requirements for the readers. I recommend the book.

excellent story!

(3 stars)

I would love to give this 5 stars but the reader in chapter 6 and the reader in 11-13 were just awful. I’m hoping they see the reviews and maybe have someone else re-record those chapters to make it fully 5 star rating. The rest of the reader were wonderful!

The Mayor's Wife

(5 stars)

Well read by all. Great AKG story with intrigue, paranormal, distress , romance, mysteries and so much more that provide for hours of listening joy. As usual a plot with lots of twists dialogue and great character builds with a strong climax and happy ending ... Thanks!

Enjoyable and kept me guessing

(4 stars)

I did not see the ending coming at all. I thought it was well written and had enough plot twists to keep the story interesting till the end. Most of the readers were very good.

Excellent Story

(5 stars)

The story and plot are typical of Ms. Green, there's always an unacknowledged marriage, but a lot less murder in this one. Still a good amount of mystery, though. Very engaging readers.