The Parasite (version 2)

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

(4.3 stars; 87 reviews)

In this short novel of 1894, Conan Doyle describes a character with seemingly extraordinary powers. Are these powers occult or are they only in the minds of other people? There is no Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery. (Summary by Delmar H. Dolbier) (1 hr 53 min)


Chapter I 27:59 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
Chapter II 27:01 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
Chapter III 28:59 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
Chapter IV 29:41 Read by Delmar H Dolbier


interesting but ......

(5 stars)

interesting but I have trouble with drama where it is probable that someone will be physically or emotionally hurt. I get too attached to characters and relationships. At one point I had enough of the rollercoaster stress and turned the recording off. Then I noticed there were only a few minutes left of the book. I am glad I turned it back on and finished it. Even knowing the end I don't know that I could listen again. Glad I heard it once though. Great reader. I am slowly working through all the books he has read and hope he keeps reading.

(3.5 stars)

Interesting plot with strange circumstance and some stranger people. ๐Ÿ™ƒ Well read by DHD (whose work I always appreciate). ๐Ÿ‘

(3 stars)

Very well read. The story on the other hand is wierd. I feel that it was written more as a by-product of the author's interest in mysticism, rather than some idea of a narrative.

what a b#tch!

(5 stars)

I hope I never meet a Miss Penclosa! Lots of fun. Excellent vocals reader! Thanks

well read but an unpleasant story!of mesmerism in the 19th century and more of …

(2 stars)


(5 stars)

excellently done all around. the narrator is top of his class on this one

Wonderful narrator!

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story, but the narrator made it incredible.

(1 stars)

The whistle in the reader's voice is very offputting.