On the Nature of the Gods

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

(3.3 stars; 30 reviews)

De Natura Deorum (On the Nature of the Gods) outlines Stoic, Epicurean and Academic (Skeptical) views on religious questions. Problems discussed include: evil, the origin of the world, divination, and characteristics of God(s). (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards) (6 hr 39 min)


Book I (Part I) 209-229 I-XX 56:58 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I (Part II) 229-254 XXI-XLIV 1:09:41 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II (Part I) 254-276 I-XXII 1:01:39 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II (Part II) 276-293 XXIII-XL 46:27 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II (Part III) 293-318 XLI-LXVII 1:01:35 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book III (Part I) 318-340 1:03:38 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book III (Part II) 340-355 39:56 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


(1 stars)

Good book, but very narration is a f disaster!


(0.5 stars)

Terrible reading, sound as though there is a full stop every two words.

(1.5 stars)

I cannot take this narration any more; “the horror of it all.”

(5 stars)

Excellent Reading And Good Philosophical Work For The Initiates Of Esoteric Metaphysics.


(1.5 stars)

This sh*t was narrated by a bot no lie

(5 stars)

wondful book. wonderful reading. Thank you!

On the Nature of Geoffrey Edwards

(5 stars)

An excellent narration or an excellent author. the voice of Geoffrey Edwards is unique, his tone even, and his diction clear and crisp. An impressive reading, especially to apparently be in such long sittings without error. My thanks to Geoffrey Edwards, for taking the time to record this. I have listened to it many times, and indeed I have registered chiefly to write this review. The quality of this audio recording has convinced me to make further use of this Library - and for that, I must offer my thanks a second time.

(2.5 stars)

Agree with some, narration is difficult to listen to, some people should be tapped on the shoulder and let into some critical truths, like this guy has got FA talent to narrate books and should leave it to others that have, I stopped the book because of his narration