Cross Currents

Read by Chiquito Crasto

(4.8 stars; 221 reviews)

Cross Currents: The Story of Margaret, to give it its full title, is delightful story about a little girl’s resilience and a mother’s unwavering love, from the beloved author of Pollyanna. Margaret Kendall (the Margaret of the story) has known nothing but love, wealth and privilege for the first five years of her life. An accident during a visit with her mother to New York City leaves little Margaret alone and fending for herself. While her mother searches desperately for her, Margaret has to do the best she can by herself. The book also also provides a glimpse into the everyday life of working children at the turn of the last century. Not always a pretty picture. Cross Currents is followed by The Turn of the Tide, which follows Margaret as she leaves New York and grows older. (Summary by Wikipedia and Phil Chenevert) (3 hr 23 min)


01 - Chapter I 9:50 Read by Chiquito Crasto
02 - Chapter II 12:49 Read by Chiquito Crasto
03 - Chapter III 15:05 Read by Chiquito Crasto
04 - Chapter IV 7:17 Read by Chiquito Crasto
05 - Chapter V 8:03 Read by Chiquito Crasto
06 - Chapter VI 7:26 Read by Chiquito Crasto
07 - Chapter VII 10:36 Read by Chiquito Crasto
08 - Chapter VIII 9:56 Read by Chiquito Crasto
09 - Chapter IX 8:23 Read by Chiquito Crasto
10 - Chapter X 10:33 Read by Chiquito Crasto
11 - Chapter XI 13:52 Read by Chiquito Crasto
12 - Chapter XII 8:51 Read by Chiquito Crasto
13 - Chapter XIII 5:43 Read by Chiquito Crasto
14 - Chapter XIV 10:01 Read by Chiquito Crasto
15 - Chapter XV 9:41 Read by Chiquito Crasto
16 - Chapter XVI 5:40 Read by Chiquito Crasto
17 Chapter XVII 8:36 Read by Chiquito Crasto
18 - Chapter XVIII 4:49 Read by Chiquito Crasto
19 - Chapter XIX 8:56 Read by Chiquito Crasto
20 - Chapter XX 7:58 Read by Chiquito Crasto
21 - Chapter XXI 6:54 Read by Chiquito Crasto
22 0 Chapter XXII 12:10 Read by Chiquito Crasto


Never forgotten.

(4 stars)

A very charming story. About a 5 year old little girl who becomes orphaned when her mother is presumed dead, after an accident. The little girl ends up on the streets of New York as a waif. Then becomes a slave to greedy men, who use her as well as other children to work to earn these men money. As she grows she runs away and learns from other children how to survive living on the streets. But the story does have a happy ending. The reader did a great job of reading.

(3 stars)

Chiquito Casto is an excellent reader. His voice, pacing and inflections made this sweet Sad story of poverty and child labor a pleasure to listen.

(5 stars)

Very touching story 😢. I read the sequel of this story first by mistake. I couldn't understand how she got lost and I was very mad at the mother. Now that I've read the first story I see now that she was indeed not like I thought she was. I will forever be a fan of Margret❤.

(5 stars)

Such a heart wrenching story, I cried at the ending. As a mother of a daughter this hit home a bit. I enjoyed the reader too, well read.

(5 stars)

Im not site where the title connects with the story itself, but it's a very well written story that keeps the attention until the end. excellent reader!

Wonderful story

(4 stars)

A sweet story, with a happy ending despite the bumps along the way. Many thanks to the narrator for bringing this delightful story to life.

the very sweetest story

(5 stars)

I had tears in my eyes at the end. Very well written and well read. Now on to the sequel...

Cute little book!

(5 stars)

Great story of a mother's love for her little girl! The reader is great and does a good job! Love it!!!!