Beyond Lies the Wub & The Skull

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.5 stars; 96 reviews)

Two stories in the inimitable Philip Dick style. What is a Wub? A 400 pound slovenly, fat, ungainly, drooling animal that looks like a cross between a walrus and an enormous hog? Well, yes that is pretty much what he looks like and for 50 cents, a good bargain no matter how he tastes. The hungry spaceship crew expect to find out. Of course the Wub may not entirely agree but it doesn't have much to say about it. The second story, The Skull, is a skilful mesh of time travel, unscrupulous governments, prisoners, and religion. With an assassin thrown in for good measure. Enjoy! (summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 10 min)


1 - Beyond Lies the Wub 18:14 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - The Skull part 1 23:24 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - The Skull part 2 28:53 Read by Phil Chenevert


at his best

(5 stars)

thanks again to both Phils

great as usual!

(5 stars)

Both interesting and groundbreaking for their time.

Great well thought out stories

(5 stars)

David R. Smith

(5 stars)

Well read , good stories, with thinkers twists, thanks!


(5 stars)

Great reading of two fantastic stories! 10/10!

thouroughly enjoyed both stories...beautifully read

(5 stars)