Toppleton's Client

Read by Cate Barratt

(4.6 stars; 58 reviews)

A pre-eminent legal firm gets far more than it bargained for when it hires the son of its late senior partner, Hopkins Toppleton, Sr., simply to retain the illustrious family name on the company masthead. Knowing Jr. is a loose cannon, their strategy is to pack him off to the UK to head up a European branch of the firm - a branch they have no intention of sending work. The unwitting Hopkins Toppleton, Jr. is, however, determined to make his mark. (Summary by Cathy Barratt) (5 hr 3 min)


01 - Introducing Mr. Hopkins Toppleton 13:30 Read by Cate Barratt
02 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Leases an Office 12:29 Read by Cate Barratt
03 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Encounters a Weary Spirit 15:52 Read by Cate Barratt
04 - The Weary Spirit Gives Some Account of Himself 18:09 Read by Cate Barratt
05 - Hopkins Becomes Better Acquainted With the Weary Spirit 19:51 Read by Cate Barratt
06 - The Spirit Unfolds a Horrid Tale 18:32 Read by Cate Barratt
07 - A Chapter of Profit and Loss 19:09 Read by Cate Barratt
08 - Further Developments in the Making of a Name 20:45 Read by Cate Barratt
09 - The Crowning Act of Infamy 28:49 Read by Cate Barratt
10 - The Spirit's Story is Concluded 20:39 Read by Cate Barratt
11 - Toppleton Consults the Law and Forms an Opinion 19:41 Read by Cate Barratt
12 - Toppleton Makes a Fair Start 18:43 Read by Cate Barratt
13 - At Barncastle Hall 19:18 Read by Cate Barratt
14 - The Dinner and Its Result 16:23 Read by Cate Barratt
15 - Barncastle Confides in Hopkins 20:58 Read by Cate Barratt
16 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Makes a Discovery 19:30 Read by Cate Barratt
17 - Epilogue 1:41 Read by Cate Barratt


(5 stars)

What an interesting story! I kept wanting to know what happens next. I didn't know how it would end. The ending was good. I just wish everyone could've been satisfied with it. Listen & you'll see what I mean.

Great Fun

(5 stars)

Well read and a lot of fun. The ending really didn't come as a surprise, but that was fine. The story was so entertaining that I simply didn't care. After Alice in Bluderland, I enjoyed this one most of his works that I've read so far.

(5 stars)

Before finding this book , I’m sorry to say I’d never heard of this author, but had searched under this narrators list for something different from my usual reads. I will certainly be reading more from him, what fun it was this book

(5 stars)

Bangs is a humorous late 19th century writer noted for funny ghost stories. This ,too, tell a spooky story in short novel length whose humor is sly not silly. It's worth a bed time read....and the reader is very good.

A fun story

(5 stars)

Very well read by Cathy Barratt. The story was fun and worth the "listen". I feel that Cathy's rendition of the tale was a great plus.

light engaging story, well narrated

(5 stars)

Humorous story-not laugh out loud but lots of smiles. Narrator had just the right touch- well done. All in all a real pleasure.

Cute and intriguing

(4 stars)

Not what I expected, but I really enjoyed the supernatural aspects of the story. The reader was, as usual, superb.

Entertaining and Very Well Read

(4 stars)

As another reviewer said, not a very surprising ending, but still an entertaining story, overall.