Links in Rebecca's Life

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(4.6 stars; 40 reviews)

Rebecca Harlowe is a young woman who strives to apply Christ's instructions in the Bible to her daily life and relationships. In this book we witness some of her successes and failures and the effect of her example on those around her. (Summary by BookAngel7) (6 hr 6 min)


01 - How She Worked Out the Lesson 7:12 Read by BookAngel7
02 - Sparing Sallie 13:15 Read by BookAngel7
03 - A 'Word in Season' 11:27 Read by BookAngel7
04 - Rebecca as a Witness 12:12 Read by BookAngel7
05 - New Found Relatives 11:13 Read by BookAngel7
06 - She Divides the Work 10:21 Read by BookAngel7
07 - Rebecca in the Temple 14:52 Read by BookAngel7
08 - Looking Ahead 13:32 Read by BookAngel7
09 - On a Visit 24:08 Read by BookAngel7
10 - 'Breathing Out Threatenings' 16:36 Read by BookAngel7
11 - Rebecca Being Led 17:52 Read by BookAngel7
12 - Mrs. Frank Edwards at Home 15:43 Read by BookAngel7
13 - Halting Between Two Opinions 13:39 Read by BookAngel7
14 - Mrs. Frank Edwards Being Advised 13:23 Read by BookAngel7
15 - The Cleansing Blood 14:24 Read by BookAngel7
16 - Managing Jonah 13:59 Read by BookAngel7
17 - Trying to Work in Love 14:11 Read by BookAngel7
18 - Planning Work 14:27 Read by BookAngel7
19 - Seeking an Open Door 14:46 Read by BookAngel7
20 - She Falls In with a New Gospel 13:47 Read by BookAngel7
21 - She Has a Chance to Be Strong 14:40 Read by BookAngel7
22 - A Conscience Not Void of Offense 17:08 Read by BookAngel7
23 - New Views of Things 11:56 Read by BookAngel7
24 - Being 'All Things to All Men' 12:31 Read by BookAngel7
25 - Two Ways of Doing Things 14:43 Read by BookAngel7
26 - 'Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men' 14:32 Read by BookAngel7


Loved it!

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this reader and the story is delightful.

True Holiness

(5 stars)

I was enlightened by some discussion of Pentacostalism. Perfect holiness in this life only as it is worked in Christ by the Holy Spirit. Works of the Spirit as Paul calls them.

Links in Rebecca's Life

(4 stars)

encouraging bible based story. Excellent reader


(5 stars)

A treasure of a book.

To J Chadwick

(1 stars)

I couldn't help but read your preposterous & honestly insulting set of remarks concerning the narrator of this marvelous story,'Links in Rebecca's Life'. What part of the country do you come from? And what part of the truth do you not understand? Sure, she may read a little fast,but its not like there's a gun put to her head for a final countdown. And when it comes to inflection within her voice, she has more in her little finger than Donald Trump has in his whole body. What matters is that she's not only doing all this for free but it's my opinion that she speaks well, so well that she's within my favorite narrators within Libravox. Insulting volunteers is one thing but to do it when it's not even necessary...playing with their emotions when it's not true is uncalled for. There's plenty of different audiobook apps out there...leave this one & whine somewhere else. I've been listening to this one for years,most probably when it started so just piss off & whinge somewhere else.🙍👎1 star for mr chaddy

Promising story line, disappointing diction.

(1 stars)

I'm interested in this title; however, the reader speaks too rapidly with little variance in inflection to follow easily and make listening enjoyable.