The Hound of the Baskervilles (version 3)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.1 stars; 19 reviews)

The desolate, treacherous Devon moors. A bloodcurdling legend of a ghastly hound from hell, haunting the Baskerville family for generations. Such is the setting for the most horrific Sherlock Holmes story ever written, where the celebrated sleuth's brains are pitted against those of a most diabolically cunning and elusive villain. (Summary by LadyMaria) (5 hr 53 min)


01 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes 16:09 Read by Lady Maria
02 - The Curse of the Baskervilles 19:34 Read by ToddHW
03 - The Problem 20:18 Read by Lady Maria
04 - Sir Henry Baskerville 27:37 Read by Jake Woldstad
05 - Three Broken Threads 19:49 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
06 - Baskerville Hall 23:04 Read by Maria Kasper
07 - The Stapletons of Merripit House 29:27 Read by Lady Maria
08 - First Report of Dr. Watson 16:33 Read by Zloot
09 - The Light upon the Moor [Second Report of Dr. Watson] 35:03 Read by dgulino
10 - Extract from the Diary of Dr. Watson 23:11 Read by Maria Kasper
11 - The Man on the Tor 26:44 Read by Lynne T
12 - Death on the Moor 26:43 Read by Lady Maria
13 - Fixing the Nets 22:49 Read by Lynne T
14 - The Hound of the Baskervilles 27:25 Read by Lady Maria
15 - A Retrospection 19:26 Read by ToddHW


I don't get it

(0 stars)

Why would Librivox select this book to be read by multiple volunteers when two solo-read versions and a group dramatic reading already exist? Incidentally, the Bob Neufeld solo version outstanding, and it is available here:


(3 stars)

the back and forth between the narrators every chapter makes it difficult to stay connected in the story. One female narrator is more breathy and demure during her readings, while another is more robust.

the book was very interesting.

(4 stars)

Some of the readers were very hard to understand. The lady that was breathing and whispering alot was just terrible.

Volunteers choose what they want to read

(0 stars)

It is the other way round -- Librivox does not "select" a book to be read. Volunteers choose for themselves which public domain book they want to do as a Librivox project, whether as a solo or by recruiting other readers for a group project. Librivox provides them the means of producing their recordings and a platform by which to find other volunteers to help.