Food Preparedness

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A short pamphlet from WWI, first describing basic nutrition, then discussing what foods may be substituted during food shortages without loss of nutrition. "The last few months have more and more impressed upon Americans the need of preparedness in every department of life. Perhaps some of the alarm created is unnecessary; but with regard to the production, conservation, and prudent use of food, our concern should be timely. In presenting the bulletin upon "Food Preparedness" the University of Buffalo feels sure that it can render the people of this vicinity valuable advice and assistance. The paper has been prepared by Albert P. Sy, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, who has given the subject of food and diet especial attention for many years." (Summary by TriciaG & from the Introduction) (1 hr 3 min)


Why does she read like a weird robot?

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Excellent narration. I enjoy her Northern accent. As for mean reviewers, I refer them to Notes from the Underground for self-discovery.


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The reader annoys with the raised inflection at the end of almost every sentence. I couldn't make it past 3 minutes