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Tanks and the future of war is what Murray Leinster speculates about in this story. Written in the 1920's he observed the terrible new inventions that were used in World War I to kill people, armored tanks and poisoned gas and then tells us how war will be fought in the future. In this case the war will occur in 1932 and be between the US and the 'Yellow enemy'. It was published in the very first issue of Astounding Stories of Super Science, January 1930. It is science fiction in the sense that it guesses what the future will hold for man based on developing the technology that was coming into being at the time, the 1920's. He leads off with a 'quote' from a future historian " (1 hr 11 min)


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(5 stars)

Well read. Fun entertaining story with a unique slant on warfare. Good dialogue and descriptive supporting background appropriate to the mood of the story and strengthens the plot. Short story with food pace and satisfying climax and conclusion. Thanks!

Tanks of War

(5 stars)

He is such a word smith. And such an imagination to think of & develop these stories. The reader, Phil C., just so enjoyable....

I enjoyed this

(5 stars)

what a prescient view of the future for 1933. the general reminds me of macarthur with a little de Gaulle thrown in.

(4 stars)

story better then okay with very fine narrator being most of the reason why it stepped over just okay. thanks Libervox

Tanks A Lot !

(5 stars)

Nice little story. In a sense, it reminds me of a current war going on right now...

short, decent

(3 stars)

this wasn't my favorite Leinster book, but it was short and well read.

good short story

(4 stars)

interesting short war / sci fi story, well read. I enjoyed it.

great story & reader!

(5 stars)

Phil C is always great reader. Good story!