Read by Kevin Johnson

(4.7 stars; 27 reviews)

Jowett, in his always informative introduction, sees this dialogue as transitional between the early and middle dialogues. Socrates meets with Protagoras and other sophists and pursues his inquiry into virtue. The dialectic brings the thinkers to a surprising ending. Socrates narrates this dialogue. (Summary by Kevin Johnson ) (3 hr 15 min)


1 Protagoras Introduction 37:46 Read by Kevin Johnson
2 Protagoras Part One 34:45 Read by Kevin Johnson
3 Protagoras Part Two 37:29 Read by Kevin Johnson
4 Protagoras Part Three 42:10 Read by Kevin Johnson
5 Protagoras Part Four 43:21 Read by Kevin Johnson



(4 stars)

Love the dialogue. One of my favs from Plato. I wish the reader was not so monotone. It caused me to drift or sleep sometimes.

About the reader

(4.5 stars)

The reader I believe does very good work with the reading of this dialogue. What stands out is the cadence of his reading. If too quick then stages of the dialectic can be lost. The sound is also clear, again very helpful in not being s distraction. As for the text there is an Introduction to the Gorgias that fairly covers the arguments both of that dialogue and this one. It is helpful to listen to it after reading both dialogues. The reader’s other readings are equally very listenable.

one of plato's best

(5 stars)

very well done book. entertaining and concise. very informative on Socrates' ideas of knowledge and virtue.