How to Succeed

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(4.5 stars; 239 reviews)

In this volume, Orison Swett Marden explains the road to success in simple terms for the benefit of anyone, who wishes to follow in his footsteps. Over 100 years after publication, most of these lessons are still valid today. (8 hr 54 min)


01 - First, Be a Man 13:25 Read by Pamela Krantz
02 - Seize Your Opportunity 21:50 Read by rookieblue
03 - How Did He Begin? 38:52 Read by DPranitis
04 - Out of Place 12:19 Read by Lee Smalley
05 - What Shall I Do? 13:36 Read by Pamela Krantz
06 - Will You Pay the Price? 27:29 Read by DPranitis
07 - Foundation Stones 27:32 Read by rookieblue
08 - The Conquest of Obstacles 28:18 Read by DPranitis
09 - Dead in Earnest 18:09 Read by Lucas Boulding
10 - To Be Great, Concentrate 18:36 Read by Franklin Canfield
11 - At Once 14:36 Read by rookieblue
12 - Thoroughness 18:28 Read by DPranitis
13 - Trifles 12:55 Read by A * L * E * X
14 - Courage 19:50 Read by Peter John Keeble
15 - Will Power 15:24 Read by DPranitis
16 - Guard Your Weak Point 23:33 Read by Lee Smalley
17 - Stick 19:50 Read by DPranitis
18 - Save 13:11 Read by Lee Smalley
19 - Live Upward 13:34 Read by Peter John Keeble
20 - Sand 31:41 Read by DPranitis
21 - Above Rubies 38:13 Read by Lucretia B.
22 - Moral Sunshine 17:13 Read by Peter John Keeble
23 - Hold Up Your Head 15:05 Read by DPranitis
24 - Books and Success 32:48 Read by Anna Simon
25 - Riches Without Wings 28:05 Read by DPranitis


Great book and well read

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed the book. Thanks to all the readers for their contribution. Speech was clear throughout with great expression.

Very enlightening

(4 stars)

The text was very enlightening and I learned a lot from it. However, some readers made it difficult to follow and really enjoy some chapters.

(5 stars)

one of the chapters had a reading with a bad microphone, still an EXCELLENT book, I plan to buy it and take wonderful and powerful quotes from it whenever I want. Great read.

(5 stars)

I just finished listening to this audio book. Well It was so informative and deep in content. Going to listen to it again right now.


(5 stars)

I love it. Even though some readers were not so clear. It was a fantastic job

Is a nourishment of the mind.

(5 stars)

I have always been curious about knowledges and developments of human beings in general. This book is aan embodiments of all. Thank you for your time and efforts.

(5 stars)

Amazing read, a wealth of knowledge and insight. A pleasure to listen to

All true!

(5 stars)

Some of the chapters could be re-recorded, but great content.