Armageddon- 2419 A.D. (Version 2)

Read by Alan Winterrowd

(4.3 stars; 92 reviews)

Armageddon—2419 A.D. is the first appearance of the character that would become Buck Rogers. First published in the August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories, followed by a sequel in March 1929. These two novellas would spawn a comic strip that would run for over 40 years, a radio series, a movie serial, and a bevy of imitators. (Summary by Alan Winterrowd) (2 hr 42 min)


Foreward 8:47 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 1 - Floating Men 8:59 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 2 - The Forest Gangs 13:20 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 3 - Life in the 25th Century 17:17 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 4 - A Han Air Raid 15:48 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 5 - Setting the Trap 11:48 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 6 - The "Wyoming Massacre" 15:53 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 7 - Incredible Treason 12:04 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 8 - The Han City 11:16 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 9 - The Fight in the Tower 9:37 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 10 - The Walls of Hell 6:53 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 11 - The New Boss 15:38 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Ch 12 - The Finger of Doom 15:13 Read by Alan Winterrowd



(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this Buck Rodgers adventure and found it much different than the TV version of Buck Rodgers. A very fun quickly read story of Buck first waking up in a whole new world and how he adapts to it and to the people plus their struggles! Very well read and a good listen.

Fun, Entertaining Book

(4 stars)

Good Reading, pretty interesting story. I've listened to couple of early 20th century sci-fi stories now and I really enjoy hearing what they thought the future would bring... plus hearing the beginning of Buck Rogers is really cool.

classic science fiction at its best

(5 stars)

I always like the Buck Rogers story, but to hear the original that started it all was fantastic, great classic science fiction.

Armageddon - 2419 A.D. (Version 2)

(5 stars)

Well read, and, fun to listen - recommended. Thanks!

(4 stars)

Good fun. Very interesting look into the future as pre-WWII America saw it.

I liked it

(4.5 stars)

left me wanting . straight forward...the manly hero...

(5 stars)

great story I loved it all well read thankyou


(5 stars)

awesome and hard to take in