The Warlord of Mars (version 2)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

(4.8 stars; 319 reviews)

In this third installment of the adventures of John Carter on Mars, our hero labors under sentence of death (for having returned from the land of the dead) in a heroic struggle to recover the beautiful Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium. He scours the planet from pole to pole, enduring imprisonment and torture, outwitting antagonists, reveling in carnage, accepting aid from unlikely sources, and dealing tactfully with women who love him despite his devotion to his wife. Having deprived an entire planet of its false religion, he offers in its place worldwide alliances and the promise of lasting peace. (Summary by Thomas Copeland) (6 hr 5 min)


01 - Chapter 1 26:11 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
02 - Chapter 2 27:03 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
03 - Chapter 3 22:21 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
04 - Chapter 4 25:17 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
05 - Chapter 5 28:28 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
06 - Chapter 6 19:41 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
07 - Chapter 7 24:59 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
08 - Chapter 8 26:11 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
09 - Chapter 9 19:45 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
10 - Chapter 10 20:07 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
11 - Chapter 11 21:46 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
12 - Chapter 12 22:15 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
13 - Chapter 13 21:26 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
14 - Chapter 14 16:41 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
15 - Chapter 15 20:42 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
16 - Chapter 16 22:33 Read by Thomas A. Copeland


Another Masterful Reading by Mr. Thomas Copeland!

(5 stars)

Again, I have enjoyed the excellent reading style of Mr. Thomas Copeland! His efforts have led to a greater enjoyment of Edgar Rice Burroughs Warlord Of Mars series than I had when I read them for the first time many years ago. I have been a writer and reviewer of technical publications for many years; I know the effort that Mr. Copeland brings to all of his voluntary work for LibriVox. He is a truly remarkable volunteer reader! Once again, my thanks to Mr. Copeland for allowing me to continue to enjoy the best of classic science fiction!

Awesome story, top notch reader!

(5 stars)

I have not been this enthralled with a book series since I was a kid. John Carter and Dejah Thoris are well developed characters, they are great role models and highly entertaining too- not something that much modern literature has. Wish I had discovered Barsoom a long time ago- possibly the best written sci-fi I've yet to read.

my favorite yet, I think

(5 stars)

once again Copeland gives a superlative rendition in this book, the 3rd of the Barsoom series. Yes the plots continue to parallel the first (A Princess of Mars), but here, especially, enough is changed to keep things interesting (the plot moves more quickly, as well).

(4 stars)

the story was very good. as was the reader who did such a good job he didn't have to resort to using different voices for each person in the plot which can distracting in many cases. all said and done, this was very well done.

Very well read, and another great installment!

(5 stars)

I have listened to the entire series of the main character, John Carter! Sci-fi is my favorite genre, and this installment is my favorite one. The good thing about these stories, you can visualize the characters, and their surroundings. Very descriptive, which transports you into the action! Great book!

3rd in a Sequence

(4.5 stars)

This became a bit overmuch in keeping John Carter's lady love away from him, though it continued to propel him towards her rescue. I suppose, if you'd not read the previous 2 novels, the motivation wouldn't have been too much. John Carter remains the greatest action character written, of the time.

Serendipity and coincidence

(2 stars)

An ok story where everything just happened at the right time. it was all too convenient. Others say this is the weakest of the stories, I hope so. Excellent reading by Thomas Copeland - without I would not have gotten to the end (I abandoned one reading by a different narrator)

i so enjoyed this book

(4 stars)

i so enjoyed this book and indeed all of the mars books. highly imaginative...right into action. wish i had found them years ago. extremely well read and an extremely good listen.