Invaders from the Infinite

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.4 stars; 516 reviews)

The famous scientific trio of Arcot, Wade and Morey, challenged by the most ruthless aliens in all the universes, blasted off on an intergalactic search for defenses against the invaders of Earth and all her allies. World after world was visited, secret after secret unleashed, and turned to mighty weapons of intense force--and still the Thessian enemy seemed to grow in power and ferocity. Mighty battles between huge space armadas were but skirmishes in the galactic war, as the invincible aliens savagely advanced and the Earth team hurled bolt after bolt of pure ravening energy--until it appeared that the universe itself might end in one final flare of furious torrential power.... (Summary by From the Gutenberg text) (7 hr 32 min)


01 - Chapter 1 13:21 Read by Mark Nelson
02 - Chapter 2 19:35 Read by Mark Nelson
03 - Chapter 3 21:18 Read by Mark Nelson
04 - Chapter 4 23:26 Read by Mark Nelson
05 - Chapter 5 12:43 Read by Mark Nelson
06 - Chapter 6 15:43 Read by Mark Nelson
07 - Chapter 7 19:32 Read by Mark Nelson
08 - Chapter 8 13:26 Read by Mark Nelson
09 - Chapter 9 12:34 Read by Mark Nelson
10 - Chapter 10 24:54 Read by Mark Nelson
11 - Chapter 11 9:07 Read by Mark Nelson
12 - Chapter 12 19:41 Read by Mark Nelson
13 - Chapter 13 13:47 Read by Mark Nelson
14 - Chapter 14 19:08 Read by Mark Nelson
15 - Chapter 15 11:27 Read by Mark Nelson
16 - Chapter 16 12:33 Read by Mark Nelson
17 - Chapter 17 18:45 Read by Mark Nelson
18 - Chapter 18 29:42 Read by Mark Nelson
19 - Chapter 19 7:29 Read by Mark Nelson
20 - Chapter 20 16:57 Read by Mark Nelson
21 - Chapter 21 22:38 Read by Mark Nelson
22 - Chapter 22 16:57 Read by Mark Nelson
23 - Chapter 23 26:22 Read by Mark Nelson
24 - Chapter 24 8:36 Read by Mark Nelson
25 - Chapter 25 27:19 Read by Mark Nelson
26 - Chapter 26 15:46 Read by Mark Nelson



(5 stars)

it's a great book and really good narration, a must read series make sure to look up the author on librivox by the different author spellings below to hear the series what of it thats on librivox --- in addition its rather annoying that : "John W. Campbell", "John Wood jr Campbell", and "John Wood Campbell jr" are all listed as different authors in librivox and they really aren't as far as i can tell since all the books/stories are set in the same world and or series and theme this really does need correction.....

Interesting sci-fi and fantastic reading

(4 stars)

The plot and concepts of the book are truly interesting and novel to me, it's clear the author spent a great deal of thought creating not just the plot but the explanations behind how the astonishing events could occur. I do admit that there were some key discoveries in the book that went over my head, I wonder if I dozed off or if they were not well explained. I really enjoyed the book overall and am looking for other books by the same author. Mark Nelson's reading is amazing and greatly cherished as always.

An excellent reading, an odd tale

(4 stars)

Firstly I'll be clear I enjoyed this. Mark Lester's readings are always enjoyable. The story its self is somewhat fantastic in the more traditional use of that word. A joyful tale, which romps along well with much imagination, but the plot is far from robust. Also I felt like I was in science class for large parts of it, and there's a lot of numbers. My, what a lot of numbers.... But its good old fashioned pulp sci-fi I guess and an enjoyable listen.

Enjoyable Age of Radium romp

(5 stars)

As is usual for scifi of this time, technology is implausible, but inspiring. Characters are two dimensional, dialog atrocious, but the optimism, the cheer for science, technology, progress, it's contagious. Mind you, the attitudes are very dated, but still the book can be enjoyable. Superb narration.

love the narrator

(4 stars)

I like the books by Auther but his repeated use of the word " Apparatus" has gotten OLD it's as he doesn't have the imagination to come up with words other than Apparatus. this goes on in every book by him. other than that I enjoy letting to his books before sleep. I am a sifi geek tho

(5 stars)

Decent story, can be a bit dry with all the in-depth scientific details which shows the books age but that is fully made up for with the rest of the story. Extremely well read, in fact I listened to the second and this the third mostly because of how good of a job the reader does.

Grown ups' Romp Around the Galaxy 3

(5 stars)

I love this series. It's simply a fun romp around the galaxy. Like Tom Swift for adults. Sure the science is a bit crazy, dated and at times ridiculous - but it doesn't take from the story.

great narrator but story lacking

(3 stars)

i just recently finished The Black Star Passes, an earlier work by the same author. I found this much less inspired and the writing a little stilted..dissapointing tbh. Reader does do a great job, though.