Futuria Fantasia, Spring 1940

Read by Lois Hill

(3.7 stars; 58 reviews)

A collection of short science fiction stories, edited by Ray Bradbury. Authors include Lyle Monroe, J. E. Kelleam, Hank Kuttner, J. H. Haggard, Ron Reynolds, Damon Knight, and Hannes V. Bok. (Summary by Lois Hill) (0 hr 40 min)


00 - Gorgono and Slith 4:11 Read by Lois Hill
01 - Heil! 9:06 Read by Lois Hill
02 - The Phantoms 1:13 Read by Lois Hill
03 - Thots on the Worldstate 4:54 Read by Lois Hill
04 - Would You? 1:03 Read by Lois Hill
05 - The Piper 12:19 Read by Lois Hill
06 - The Itching Hour 5:09 Read by Lois Hill
07 - The Flirtenflog 0:46 Read by Lois Hill
08 - Bokaricature 0:41 Read by Lois Hill
09 - Ninevah 1:16 Read by Lois Hill


magazine shorts

(5 stars)

Short little snippets of an lost sci-fi era. Very well read


(4 stars)

I especially liked the poem at the end (Nineveh)

(4 stars)

It ends with a nice poem

Golden age short stories from pulp magazine

(2 stars)

It was a well read recording with a few short stories out of an amazing science fictio like small magazine. Too many short short stories or poems though van longer engaging short stories. But good to read or listen to for some pulp age science fiction

Well Read

(2 stars)

Lois Hill did a nice job of reading these short stories and poems. She sounded interested and interesting.

Depressed already, read this !?!

(2 stars)

If you're not depressed, you will be after reading this !!!