Of All Things

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(4.6 stars; 5 reviews)

A collection of amusing essays satirizing serious consideration of topics including natural history, social etiquette, or indeed, civilized behavior (especially of the upper classes). (Summary by Arnold Banner)

(4 hr 27 min)


The Social Life Of The Newt 10:32 Read by Melora
"Coffee, Megg And Ilk, Please" 10:03 Read by Arnold
When Genius Remained Your Humble Servant 16:25 Read by Melora
The Tortures Of Weekend Visiting 14:18 Read by Arnold
Gardening Notes 10:58 Read by Melora
Lesson Number One 16:20 Read by Arnold
Thoughts On Fuel Saving 14:48 Read by Melora
Not According To Hoyle 15:43 Read by Arnold
From Nine To Five 16:24 Read by Melora
Turning Over A New Ledger Leaf 10:37 Read by Arnold
A Piece Of Roast Beef 12:17 Read by Melora
The Community Masque As A Substitute For War 11:18 Read by Arnold
Call For Mr. Kenworthy! 14:32 Read by Arnold
Football; Courtesy Of Mr. Morse 15:54 Read by Arnold
A Little Debit In Your Tonneau 11:01 Read by Arnold
A Romance In Encyclopædia Land 9:44 Read by Arnold
The Passing Of The Orthodox Paradox 7:55 Read by Arnold
Shakespeare Explained 8:13 Read by Arnold
The Scientific Scenario 9:12 Read by Arnold
The Most Popular Book Of The Month 9:10 Read by Arnold
Christmas Afternoon 8:27 Read by Arnold
Hail, Vernal Equinox! 14:06 Read by Arnold


Of All Things

(5 stars)

Beautifully read by both readers, wonderful writing if you appreciate the po-faced ironies and wit, intelligent and understated gentle humour.