Coffee Break Collection 028 - Hobbies

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the 28th Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select and read stories or poems, fiction or non-fiction pieces of fifteen minutes' duration or less, suitable for short commutes and coffee breaks. The subject for this collection is "HOBBIES"... and the collection is full after 20 pieces have been submitted. (2 hr 44 min)


Amateur Radio Handbook: Introduction by A. Frederick Collins 11:36 Read by Larry Wilson
excerpt from The Decorative Illustration of Books Old and New by Walter Crane 15:41 Read by Rita Boutros
Birdie by Elizabeth Brightwen 8:48 Read by William Allan Jones
A-Birding Among the New Jersey Pines by Creswell J. Hunt 5:55 Read by Colleen McMahon
Casey At The Bat, by Earnest Lawrence Thayer 3:58 Read by ashten999
The Choice of a Boat by A.J. Kenealy 8:36 Read by Colleen McMahon
Collecting Playing Cards by Charles William Taussig 7:57 Read by BettyB
Coursing the Prongbuck by Theodore Roosevelt 13:24 Read by Michele Fry
Feeding Birds in Summer and Winter by Elizabeth Brightwen 8:17 Read by Michele Fry
Flying Kites by Anonymous, from "The Mastery of Air" 6:09 Read by Garth Burton
The Gentle Art of Quilting by Clara B. Miller, article from Good Housekeeping m… 5:32 Read by Rita Boutros
Home Dressmaking from Armour's Monthly Cook Book October 1913 edited by Mary Ja… 2:43 Read by Lynne T
Mrs. Washington's Eternal Knitting by Fanny Fern 4:28 Read by Nan Dodge
Old English Embroidery by Emily Leigh Lowes 7:05 Read by Rita Boutros
Poultry for Beginners by Eric Wood 13:33 Read by William Allan Jones
The Hobby Rider by Jerome K. Jerome 16:59 Read by William Allan Jones
The Romance of Stamp Collecting by Edward J. Nankivell 5:59 Read by Patrick Wallace
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime by Edward J. Nankivell (1848 - 1909) 5:18 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Tame Butterflies by Elizabeth Brightwen 6:17 Read by Michele Fry
A Word about Golf by Charles William Taussig 5:57 Read by BettyB