The Blue Flower

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"Sometimes short stories are brought together like parcels in a basket. Sometimes they grow together like blossoms on a bush. Then, of course, they really belong to one another, because they have the same life in them. ...There is such a thought in this book. It is the idea of the search for inward happiness, which all men who are really alive are following, along what various paths, and with what different fortunes! Glimpses of this idea, traces of this search, I thought that I could see in certain tales that were in my mind,—tales of times old and new, of lands near and far away. So I tried to tell them, as best as I could, hoping that other men, being also seekers, might find some meaning in them" (Summary by from the preface) (5 hr 38 min)


00 - PREFACE 4:17 Read by Geoff Blanchard
01 - THE BLUE FLOWER 6:49 Read by Geoff Blanchard
02 - THE SOURCE 32:12 Read by Maria Kasper
03 - THE MILL 38:48 Read by Maria Kasper
04 - SPY ROCK, Part 1 41:28 Read by Marie Hoffman
05 - SPY ROCK, Part 2 28:44 Read by Marie Hoffman
06 - WOOD-MAGIC 21:38 Read by Haili
07 - THE OTHER WISE MAN, Part 1 36:17 Read by Loveday
08 - THE OTHER WISE MAN, Part 2 27:14 Read by Loveday
09 - A HANDFUL OF CLAY 7:43 Read by Tom Merritt
10 - THE LOST WORD, Part 1 23:20 Read by gloriousjob
11 - THE LOST WORD, Part 2 25:59 Read by gloriousjob
12 - THE FIRST CHRISTMAS-TREE 44:03 Read by Lynne T