A Little Country Girl

Read by Lynne T

(4.6 stars; 113 reviews)

Candace makes the first long trip of her young life alone. Everything is new, from the ocean views, to the fashionable people she encounters; from the museum-like home, to the unfamiliar cousins. How will she adapt to the new experiences and will she overcome the homesickness she feels? Will she adapt her country ways and enter society, or be an embarrassment to her fine relations? Etiquette and style can be learned; but kindness, common sense and a loving heart are inbred. (Summary by Lynne Thompson) (4 hr 47 min)


01 - On the "Eolus" 26:52 Read by Lynne T
02 - The First Evening 29:25 Read by Lynne T
03 - A Walk on the Cliffs 29:12 Read by Lynne T
04 - The Manual of Perfect Gentility 28:03 Read by Lynne T
05 - Down to Beaver Tail 32:11 Read by Lynne T
06 - A Talk about Shyness 27:43 Read by Lynne T
07 - Two Picnics 29:29 Read by Lynne T
08 - Bric-a-Brac 25:54 Read by Lynne T
09 - Perplexed 20:11 Read by Lynne T
10 - A Word Fitly Spoken 18:17 Read by Lynne T
11 - Five and One make Six 20:17 Read by Lynne T



(4 stars)

True Susan Coolidge! After eagerly following the What Katy Did series, l was ready for more of her work! A gorgeous story, with a slight morale and emphasis on the beauty of home and family. A lot like Lucy Maud Montgomery's An Old Fashioned Girl. At first l didn't like the reader, but soon got used to and even enjoyed her. I hope you like it!

A jewel

(5 stars)

Thank you reader Lynne T for introducing me to this lovely book. I'm looking forward to listening to more from this author. Good job reading it. :-)

Outstanding book and reader!

(5 stars)

Thank you, Lynne T for being such an outstanding reader! I immensely love listening to the books you bring to life!!

Very nice book and Lynn did a good job of reading it. thanks

(5 stars)

Love the message on overcoming shyness in this book.

great book!

(4 stars)

this is a delightful moral tale typical of literature for young ladies at this time period.


(5 stars)

A beautiful and sweet book that is inspiring. Another jem from Susan Coolidge . highly recommended

Lovely book for young and old

(4 stars)

Gives you a good feeling

Sweet Story

(5 stars)

A sweet story and a good reader!