Outwitting The Hun; My Escape From A German Prison Camp

Read by David Wales

(4.7 stars; 115 reviews)

A true war narrative, published in 1918 while WWI was still going on. (Summary by David Wales) (5 hr 33 min)


00 Preface 3:43 Read by David Wales
01 The Folly Of Despair 6:02 Read by David Wales
02 I Become A Fighting-Scout 16:38 Read by David Wales
03 Captured By The Huns 15:30 Read by David Wales
04 Clipped Wings 22:34 Read by David Wales
05 The Prison-Camp At Courtrai 29:03 Read by David Wales
06 A Leap For Liberty 11:35 Read by David Wales
07 Crawling Through Germany 9:33 Read by David Wales
08 Nine Days In Luxembourg 18:19 Read by David Wales
09 I Enter Belgium 23:37 Read by David Wales
10 Experiences In Belgium 14:44 Read by David Wales
11 I Encounter German Soldiers 16:44 Read by David Wales
12 The Forged Passport 31:54 Read by David Wales
13 Five Days In An Empty House 24:32 Read by David Wales
14 A Night Of Dissipation 13:53 Read by David Wales
15 Observations In A Belgian City 6:11 Read by David Wales
16 I Approach The Frontier 12:55 Read by David Wales
17 Getting Through The Lines 16:36 Read by David Wales
18 Experiences In Holland 26:20 Read by David Wales
19 I Am Presented To The King 9:11 Read by David Wales
Home Again! 4:24 Read by David Wales


true story of life on the run

(4 stars)

the reader is loud and clear but sometimes his voice lacks fluctuations and the reading comes off boring despite the information being interesting. the man who escaped to tell this true tale was not in prison long, only a few weeks. and it was not one of the worst places (the incidence with the "cooties" confirms that). so if you are expecting to hear of horrors experienced in prison or "hogans heros" type stuff you will be disappointed. the story is mostly about his trek to Holland and what happens after he gets back to safety. a good story and makes me realize what a hard time people would have doing that nowadays because nobody has gardens to snatch a bite to eat from!

(5 stars)

This audio book is extremely easy to enjoy. Pat Obrien tells his amazing story with complete clarity and straight to the point narrative. What a fantastic human story! I also must commend the reader on an excellent reading! Thank you so much for having taken the time and effort to deliver such a perfect delivery! Highly recommended!

awesome story

(4.5 stars)

This is a great adventure told in a down home kinda way, which is almost as interesting as the story itself. Seeing how Pat related to the war and the world was a gift. Who wouldn't want to hear an adventure like this from the man himself. We'll read too.

Good book.

(4.5 stars)

Good book written very soon after the events and before world war 1 had finished. It tells of Pat's epic escape from German captivity after his plane was shot down and he was taken prisioner.

one of my favorite readers

(4 stars)

freedom is a precious thing. it doesn't matter how dangerous, the minute one feels it fading, they will do what it takes to get it back. inspirational!

(5 stars)

Hats off to David Whales for excellent narration. Pat O'Brien was a true American Hero! A pleasure to hear this great story. Highly recomend.

(5 stars)

Worth the time. As an American with disabilities; an account such as this reminds me to never give in...never give up.

Great Book Great Reading!

(5 stars)

Great book about an incredible escape story. Really understated delivery. Reading is very clear.