Our Little Spanish Cousin

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Another book written for American children in the early 1900's to help educate them about the customs and lives of their 'cousins' in many parts of the world. Naturally the cultures described are as they might have been at the end of the 1800's.
"Washed by the Mediterranean and kissed by the warm Southern sun, the Iberian peninsula lies at the southwestern corner of Europe. To this sunny land of Spain we owe much for, from it's hospitable shores, aided by her generous queen, Columbus saided to discover that new world which is today our home. We should be very friendly to the country which helped him and American boys and girls should welcome the coming of Our Little Spanish cousin." (Summary by the author's Preface) (2 hr 7 min)


00 - Preface 0:56 Read by Kathrine Engan
01 - The Christening 8:23 Read by Kathrine Engan
02 - School-days 9:38 Read by Michelle Remington
03 - A Visit to the Hacienda 13:04 Read by Jill Engle
04 - At the Alhambra 9:49 Read by Jill Engle
05 - Antonio's Story 9:37 Read by Jill Engle
06 - The Holidays 11:32 Read by Patti Cunningham
07 - Easter in Sevilla 10:09 Read by Kimberly Krause
08 - Rainy Days 12:16 Read by Kathrine Engan
09 -To The Country 9:30 Read by Kimberly Krause
10 - Games and Sports 8:39 Read by rookieblue
11 - A Tertulia 14:46 Read by Larry Wilson
12 - Viva el Rey ! 9:24 Read by Kimberly Krause