The Valley of Fear (Version 2)

Read by Alisson Veldhuis

(4.7 stars; 162 reviews)

John Douglas has been murdered at Birlstone manner, but Sherlock Holmes' main concern is the missing dumbell in the murder room. This fourth and final novel of Sherlock Holmes is based on the real-life adventures of the mob in Pennsylvania and the consequences of betrayal many years later. (Summary by Alisson Veldhuis) (5 hr 26 min)


One of the best Holmes stories, read well.

(5 stars)

Great story read by a fantastic reader. A little louder would have been good, as others have said, but very well done nonetheless. Having different characters in different accents made the somewhat complex story much easier to follow. The story is written in a similar style to A Study in Scarlet, though this one (SPOILER) has a great and completely unexpected twist at the end!

Excelent reader, recording not so good

(4 stars)

This reader does an excelent job at separating the voices of the characters and their accents, this book is brilliantly read! Unfortunately the recording is very low and is full of static, which prevented me from listening to it in the car. It is a pity because the reader is indeed worth listening to.

Eery well done!

(5 stars)

One of the best readers on LibriVox. Excellent book and great reading. Not the best audio quality - in places you seem to hear large vehicles or airplanes in the background, along with the occasional cat meowing. Nevertheless, definitely 5 stars!


(5 stars)

Wonderful. I loved the story and the reader. She was fantastic. I only wish it would have been recorded a little louder at some places. Still giving it 5 stars.

(5 stars)

really great story. worth a listen for sure. the reader was great with different accents and voices I could always tell who was talking


(5 stars)

Excellently narrated. Sure you hear the occasional House sounds but they a few, mild and in no way distracting.

(5 stars)

best reading ever, would like to hear more books read by this person

(5 stars)

Excellent story, as the Holmes stories all are, and pleasing narration.