The Firm of Nucingen

Read by James E. Carson

(3.8 stars; 13 reviews)

Part of the Comedie Humane and a "supplementary" tale to go with Father Goriot and Gobseck. Nucingen is the married family name of one of Father Goriot's daughters. "James Waring" is a pseudonym of Ellen Marriage (Balzac was considered sometimes too racy by the Victorian Age). (Summary by JCarson) (3 hr 17 min)


Section 1 1:03:39 Read by James E. Carson
Section 2 1:06:25 Read by James E. Carson
Section 3 1:07:06 Read by James E. Carson


Hard to listen to

(2 stars)

This book is read in such a halting, toneless way that it’s hard to listen to. I thank the reader for taking the time to make this recording. Unfortunately, his delivery is just too choppy to sustain the sense of what the writer was trying to convey.

“My Dinner with Andre,” but less interesting

(2 stars)

The review doesn’t recap the action, because there is none. Just a bunch of boring talking without any plot development on topics that are of zero interest to 21st century non-French literature majors. Skip this one and just read the Wikipedia page.

reading is fine - story is not

(3 stars)

probably one of the worst Balzac- his Gobseck is a much better story( as a background filler for Father Goriot