Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers

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(4.4 stars; 83 reviews)

Tom Swift flies his airship to the mountain tops of Colorado to seek for the secret of the Diamond Makers: criminal scientists who have figured out the formula of manufacturing a limitless fortune in diamonds. But these rogues will stop at nothing to keep their secret. Tom & friends are soon captured and left to die in a collapsing mountain. (Summary by Wikipedia) (4 hr 31 min)


A Suspicious Jeweler 10:53 Read by Greg Giordano
A Midnight Visit 15:17 Read by Greg Giordano
A Strange Story 13:50 Read by Ian Quinlan
Andy Foger Gets a Fright 11:05 Read by Ian Quinlan
A Mysterious Man 10:25 Read by Ian Quinlan
Mr. Damon Is On Hand 9:51 Read by Ric F
Mr. Parker Predicts 14:50 Read by Ric F
Off For the West 13:59 Read by Ric F
A Warning by Telegraph 9:22 Read by Gary Dana
Dropping a Stowaway 12:42 Read by Gary Dana
A Weary Search 7:16 Read by Greg Giordano
The Great Stone Head 11:51 Read by Ric F
On Phantom Mountain 13:01 Read by Ric F
Warned Back 10:25 Read by Ric F
The Landslide 11:53 Read by Ric F
The Vast Cavern 12:21 Read by Lynne T
The Phantom Captured 13:11 Read by Lynne T
Bill Renshaw Will Help 7:17 Read by Claire Schreuder
In the Secret Cave 8:11 Read by Claire Schreuder
Making the Diamonds 12:13 Read by Edmund Lilley
Flashing Gems 7:16 Read by Claire Schreuder
Prisoners 6:19 Read by Claire Schreuder
Broken Bonds 7:41 Read by Claire Schreuder
In Great Peril 7:29 Read by Claire Schreuder
The Mountain Shattered. Conclusion 12:58 Read by Monika Rolley


(4.5 stars)

Some people who read this book sometimes took their head away from the microphone but most didn’t everything else was great although Readers varied in quality. My mum’s review is lots of different readers who varied in quality but good story. HAPPY HOME -> (😻😆😀😃😄😀😁😆😊🙃😍)

(3 stars)

weakest outing yet. For a smart guy, Tom does some dumb things. including giving Mary 2 diamonds and never getting kissed

pretty good story, but one reader is terrible!

(2 stars)

I would have given a higher rating, but there was one reader with a sing-song voice that REALLY GRATED ON MY NERVES!! I almost gave up on the book when I heard his voice, but just gritted my teeth and kept on, hoping the next reader was not so nauseating.

poorly read

(1.5 stars)

most of the readers were decent, but please get rid of RicF and Monica rolly. multiple readers is bad enough. add those two in the mix and a decent story lost 2 stars

Good book awful readers

(3 stars)

The story is great but too many readers and none with any skill to engage.

(4 stars)

Shout-out to Monika who improved a lot compared to the last Tom Swift story she was part of!


(5 stars)

good book but at times it can get enoiying that it changes narators so ofte


(3.5 stars)

could be worse. get rid of Monica Rolly