Planet of Dread

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.4 stars; 288 reviews)

Humans have expanded to myriads of worlds throughout the galaxies but they have found that the only way for colonies to be self sustaining, was to reproduce the total ecology of their home world; the original Earth. This meant bringing the entire ecosystem, the good, the bad and the ugly. Viruses as well as grass, goats as well as stink bugs and allowing the whole mixture to ultimately produce an inhabitable world for humans. But what happens when this system is not properly supervised? Moran and the others in the space yacht Nadine find a world where strange things have been brewing for over a hundred years and may or may not survive an environment gone mad. (Summary by the reader, Phil Chenevert) (2 hr 12 min)


Part 1 33:34 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 2 38:50 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 3 29:07 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 4 30:55 Read by Phil Chenevert


Good Story

(4 stars)

Another short but sweet triple play !!! Amazing gripping story, a knowledgeable author, and a dynamite narrator; what else could a SCI GEEK girl ask for on X-mas Eve !

This was good

(4 stars)

The hero of this story is an escapee from a planet, and in this age of space travel, you need papers to get anywhere. He decides the best thing is to conk someone and sneak aboard a departing space ship. The problem is that for the ship to land, the papers have to match how many members are on board. The crew, being escapees themselves, decide to abandon him on what appears to be a human-friendly planet. However, this planet was not quite set up right... so begins the brief mischief on the Planet of Dread. I think the story was kind of short. It would have been fun to explore things a bit more. It was an okay story tho, good for a sci-fi library. Phil did his usual excellent reading job. Thank you Phil!

5 stars x 10

(5 stars)

This story is so far out of the box, you wouldn't see the Sci-Fi box even with a telescope. I've listened to so many Librivox books, you could count them in increments of 100. Plus library books & other sources. This story is sooo so off the wall, very very unpredictable, extremely engaging, etc. etc. etc. If anybody knows any audiobooks even half as good as this, I would sure like to hear about it. And the reader Phil... Hey. Anybody who listens to Librivox stuff already knows Phil's excellence is consistent & top notch, every time, all the time.

awesome story

(5 stars)

very much in the vein of "The Forgotten Planet". excellent story and great reading as always by Phil

Intriguing Sotry

(5 stars)

Nice twist on the Terra forming idea. As always, Phil breathes life into classic SciFi stories!

A mediocre book saved by an excellent read, IMO.

(4 stars)

A short novella of a very early type: the monsters on the new world are giant Earth creatures created by a failed terraforming project. Interesting to those who like the tropes of the Rocket Age, but a problematic text in many ways. Why is the female crewman in charge of cleaning the rocket? I was kind of hoping, since she was the love interest, that Crewman Carol was going to turn out to be a Polish man, like the recent Pope also named Carol. Alas, the twist was that even in the future, the love of a good woman, a large sum of money, and a convenient rocket will make any criminal good. One whole star for Phil's read, which is just excellent. He completely inhabits the narratorial character.

Not one for those afraid of bugs

(3.5 stars)

A slightly unusual story about people marooned, or about to be marooned. Well read, some interesting ideas for a little bit too much time, spent describing giant insects for my liking!

Planet of Dread

(5 stars)

Well read. Fast paced good unique story line /plot. A classic exploration , dramatic story with a strong ending with good versus evil with undercurrent of love binding all together. Thanks!