Rada; A Belgian Christmas Eve

Read by David Wales

(3.8 stars; 2 reviews)

This is not heart warming holiday fare. It is a short (one-act) unsubtle antiwar play by the English poet Alfred Noyes (1880-1958), published in 1915 while World War I is in progress. Part of the work is in verse. Music sung by Duane Steadman. (Summary by David Wales) (0 hr 56 min)


1 Part 1: Dedication, Prelude, and Cast of Characters 6:07 Read by David Wales
2 Part 2: The Play and Intercession 50:50 Read by David Wales


Christian Anti-War Tragedy

(3.5 stars)

This play is grim realism about World War I. It is, however, decidedly anti-German and pro-British, which seems disingenuous to me. If you're against war, you're against war. I have trouble believing that one can be simultaneously anti-war and pro-British armed forces. The author correctly states that war goes against the alleged tenets of Christianity: love, forgiveness, kindness and generosity. Of course I cannot help thinking about how many wars have been started by popes and kings "in the name of God." And every faction believes God is on their side.