Through Glacier Park; Seeing America First With Howard Eaton (version 2)

Read by David Wales

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This is the first of two travelogues published by Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958). Both deal with Glacier National Park. (The other is entitled Tenting To-night, which also deals with the Cascade Mountains.). Rinehart wrote hundreds of short stories, poems, travelogues and articles, though she is most famous for her mystery stories. The region that became Glacier National Park was first inhabited by Native Americans and upon the arrival of European explorers, was dominated by the Blackfeet in the east and the Flathead in the western regions. Summary by wikipedia and david wales. (1 hr 34 min)


Foreword 1:44 Read by David Wales
The Adventurers and "Fall In" 18:58 Read by David Wales
The Sporting Chance and All In The Game 23:19 Read by David Wales
"Running Water And Still Pools" and The Call 18:54 Read by David Wales
The Black Marks and Bears and Down The Flathead Rapids 31:19 Read by David Wales


i wish it was longer! :)

(4 stars)

my favourite voice for adventure stories!

A good story. Easy to lessons to

(4 stars)